Lisa Vanderpump Posts Proof That “Fan” With Autographed Photo Is A Paparazzo To Shade Kyle Richards

Even though the year is 2021, somehow Real Housewives of Beverly Hills OGs Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards are STILL finding topics to fight about. In fact, even though LVP’s been off the show for seasons, she always finders herself in feuds with her former co-stars like Lisa Rinna or Brandi Glanville like clockwork. What a blast from the past. Either LVP is salty about leaving RHOBH, or the ladies are jealous she’s relatively unbothered after her unorthodox exit. She has a new season of Vanderpump Rules to film and a new spin-off show about dogs. However, that doesn’t mean the shady Brit won’t find time to bash her former co-stars or retaliate if they try to come for her.

Kyle and LVP have gone back and forth recently about quite a few things, most of them relatively frivolous. First, Lisa sent a dinner bill to Kyle’s table as a prank and it caused a whole fiasco. Then, Kyle slammed Lisa for “ruining” an RHOBH fan’s photo by scribbling over the faces of her former co-stars like Dorit Kemsley and Erika Jayne. Kyle might be right that LVP is the queen of grudge-holding, but she does know how to throw a good dig. And is a good player to have on your team in the game of shade.

And LVP usually doesn’t come without receipts. A video recently posted by @bravosnarkside on Instagram shows Lisa yet again attempting to prove that Kyle’s a liar. LVP previously denied that she ruined a “fan’s” photo, saying it was actually a paparazzi photographer. In the video, LVP finds the man with the photo and asks him to identify himself. He says he’s a paparazzi and autograph collector.

“Apparently he was a poor fan,” Lisa said in the video. Kyle will need some of whatever Mauricio Umansky is smoking has to calm down after seeing this.


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LVP took to Twitter to declare her win, writing “truth prevails.” It looks like yet another feud between old pals Kyle and Lisa is over, for now.

But like the faith I have in Erika Jayne’s ability to shield her secrets, I’m sure these two will find another petty thing to argue about sooner or later. Maybe it means that deep down, they really miss each other. But for now, GOODBYE KYLE.


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]