Brandi Glanville Wants Money From Vanderpump Rules If Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Cast Gets A Piece Of Vanderpump Dogs

It’s time to play another round of, I Hate Lisa Vanderpump But Her Jedi Mind Powers Force Me To Talk About Her Constantly. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills wasn’t the end of the road for LVP. She has her remaining restaurants, dog rescue organization, and three television shows currently on network schedules. Former co-star Lisa Rinna has issue with LVP’s latest show, Vanderpump Dogs.

Rinna feels entitled to a piece of the dog pie since the creation of LVP’s newest spinoff floated during filming of RHOBH Season 9. Well guess what. Now Brandi Glanville wants a piece of pie too, but she wants Vanderpump Rules pie. She feels if other cast are paid for Vanderpump Dogs, she should be compensated for allowing the first episode of Pump Rules to kick off on a storyline courtesy of her piece of shit ex-husband. Unfortunately for Brandi, that piece of Pump Rules pie might be sitting right beside the RHOBH diamond.

Lord, please grant me the serenity required to once again write about LVP and people who apparently despise her, yet cannot release themselves from the mental vice she has conjured upon them. Much of Brandi’s initial storyline on RHOBH centered around the dissolution of her marriage with Eddie Cibrian, known douchelord. Eddie was a cheater, cheated far and wide, and conveniently cheated with one of LVP’s waitresses at SUR.

The connection between Brandi and Eddie’s side-piece Scheana Shay Marie is what formally kicked off Vanderpump Rules. After news came out about Rinnacalling her lawyers” regarding Vanderpump Dogs, Brandi hopped on Twitter. Sometimes Twitter does not go so well for Brandi. She wrote, “If the RHOBH gals get paid for the Vandercunt dog show then I would like a check for Vandercunt Rules. I mean seriously I gave them episode one & it wasn’t fun. Thanks.” Was Brandi forced to do the series opener? Was there an off-camera hostage thing happening?


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One commenter replied, “Brandi – notice me, I have no life and my ex-husband’s happier without me – Glanville.” Another follower wrote, “But you did agree to film that specific scene that then led into Vanderpump Rules yeah!? I mean you are a grown woman who can make decisions for yourself, or was the fame just too endearing for you!” Let’s also keep in mind it takes place in Lisa V’s restaurant and never needed Brandi’s segue for the premier episode.

I’m not convinced this can be classified as a payoff for either Rinna or Brandi, because, give me a break. For people who claim to dislike LVP so much, they certainly keep her active in the press. The woman has to do practically zero media because everyone who ever starred on RHOBH still has her name in their mouth. Stay tuned to see if Dorit Kemsley meets with her attorneys. The Capri Room at Bucca der Beppo has an olive tree similar to one at Pump and I’m sure there’s a lawsuit in there somewhere.


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]