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Lisa Vanderpump Denies Ruining Fan’s Real Housewives Photo; Says Kyle Richards Is Spreading “Another Lie”

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 9 was dominated by “puppy-gate.” Kyle Richards accused her best friend, Lisa Vanderpump, of leaking Dorit Kemsley’s puppy misdeed to the tabloids. When Lisa denied it, Kyle called her a liar. Their long-time friendship was dunzo. Lisa exited RHOBH and skipped the reunion.

And now, Lisa and Kyle are once again embroiled in a scandal. This time, we are talking about a restaurant check. Yes–really. Lisa and her husband, Ken Todd, went out to dinner and saw Kyle dining with the producer of Lisa’s new talk show, Overserved with Lisa Vanderpump. As a joke, Lisa had her whopping $132 bill sent to the producer. She also left an imprint of her credit card in case the producer declined to pick up the bill.

Lisa thought that the producer paid the bill. “So, then the press called me and said, ‘Kyle said you dined and dashed and you gave her the bill,’” Lisa stated. Lisa paid the tab, and even showed her bank account  statement to prove it.

Lisa remarked, “See I didn’t dine and dash like Kyle, who is always trying to make me look bad. She should keep her new nose out of my business.” RHOBH viewers saw Kyle’s new nose during the Season 11 premiere. I do love when Lisa is shady.

Kyle responded to Lisa’s diss. “I don’t care what she says, it’s not important,” Kyle explained. But what is really important to Kyle is what happened outside the restaurant that night.  Kyle claimed that a fan asked Lisa to sign a RHOBH cast photo. “Vanderpump put Xs through all of our faces and mustaches and crossed us out and then put a heart next to her name and signed it and ruined his photo,” Kyle stated on Watch What Happens Live.

According to Reality Blurb! Christian Gray Snow, who is a Housewives fan, shared the alleged photo on his Instagram. He wrote, “If Lisa Vanderpump is going to sell stories to TMZ she should include the full details, like the part when she left the restaurant and scribbled all over her former co-stars faces after a fan approached and asked her to sign his #RHOBH print.”


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Now the feud about the ruined photograph has spilled over to Twitter. On May 26, 2021, a fan tweeted about Lisa, “But she did ruin a fans pic by crossing out the other Housewives faces.” Lisa commented, “It was a paparazzi guys picture as if I would ruin a fans pic …another lie.”

Another user tweeted, “[Lisa Vanderpump] for someone who doesn’t want anything to do with the Housewives, you sure have a lot to say. Maybe you shouldn’t have missed the Reunion and had your say.” Lisa replied, “I respond.” The same follower posted, “Why even bother responding to them. Just forget them Lisa,” he said. “You are successful and doing quite well with your new show.”

That may be true, but Lisa isn’t giving up this fight just yet. “Yes but I defend myself,” the RHOBH alum added.



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Kyle decided to add her two cents and took to Twitter on May 27, 2021. “He actually isn’t a paparazzi… he’s a fan. He doesn’t take photos of people,” Kyle tweeted. “Just asks for signatures for his photos because he collects them.” She added, “I have been signing Halloween posters / pictures etc. for him for years.”


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