Lisa Vanderpump Gives First Look At Vanderpump Dogs Reality Show

If there’s one thing Lisa Vanderpump knows how to do, it’s collect a paycheck. Her days on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills feel like another lifetime ago, but never say never when it comes to a potential return. Well, as long as an entirely new cast was introduced. Meanwhile, Vanderpump Rules is filming its ninth season, minus a few familiar faces, now that LVP has been able to open her restaurants after some setbacks, to say the least. And she even has a new show on E! Network, so don’t ever say LVP is shy around a camera, especially when they’re capturing her glamorous life inside Villa Rosa.

If you thought Lisa had enough on her plate, you’re greatly underestimating her hustle. And her love of appearing on TV as the sole star, without Kyle Richards trying to take her crown. She’s preparing for the premiere of a new show on Peacock called Vanderpump Dogs, which looks like a mashup of VPR and a dating show, except with dogs instead of confused 30-year-old restaurant workers. Very on-brand for a pooch-loving LVP.

And the trailer for Vanderpump Dogs is finally here, and it’s pretty much exactly what you’d expect. Lisa’s distinct British accent narrates over images of cute puppies doing over-the-top photo shoots and playing with potential owners. There’s even a dog that Lisa proclaims looks exactly like her husband Ken Todd, which is something that would only come out of Lisa’s mouth.

The show will seemingly follow the rescues as Vanderpump Dogs employees help them find their forever homes. And Lisa, of course, talks about the dogs as if they were humans in a mildly sexual way. “It’s not about just finding somebody attractive across the bar. This isn’t a one-night stand, this is a lifelong relationship,” LVP said. If Jax Taylor thought VPR was too scripted, he’s definitely not going to be into this show.


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The show is set to air on Peacock on June 9, if you’re into that sort of thing. Honestly, it looks a little blah to me. The Vanderpump Dogs employees don’t seem to be the tight group of friends like the OG Pump Rules cast, so there likely won’t be any Las Vegas rendevous and slaps heard across the world. And unfortunately, Giggy isn’t even around anymore to be the star of this show. RIP. But again, I have to respect LVP for getting her coin. Especially because her rosé business doesn’t have the best press right now…


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While LVP is onto bigger and better things, she’s still the shady Brit at heart. Her never-ending feud with Kyle took a turn recently when Lisa tried to stick Kyle with a bill at a restaurant, proving that these two will probably never reconcile. She continues to shade her ex-costars, particularly Dorit Kemsley and Erika Jayne. But she’s also been celebrating her little Pumpers who are new parents and gearing up for a VPR season that’s bound to be like nothing fans have seen before.

Watch the Vanderpump Dogs trailer below.


[Photo Credit: Paul Archuleta/Getty Images]