Kyle Richards Slams Lisa Vanderpump For Ruining Fan’s Autographed Photo By Crossing Out Cast Members’ Faces

Even though it’s been years since Lisa Vanderpump, well Ken Todd, said “GOODBYE” to Kyle Richards and the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, she definitely still has some hard feelings. The self-proclaimed queen of Beverly Hills didn’t have a picture-perfect exit from the show thanks to #puppygate, so no wonder she’s still bitter. At least, against all odds, she still has Vanderpump Rules to keep her Bravo career alive. But RHOBH has moved on from the days of LVP’s diamonds and bug-filled rosé. However, something tells me LVP has not.

The Kyle vs. Lisa feud is one of the iconic Bravo friend breakups that’s forever marked the series. The OGs of RHOBH used to be best buddies and it was truly sad to see that dissolve over a tabloids rumor about Dorit Kemsley’s puppy. Now, Kyle considers LVP a downright villain, with the rest of the cast backing her up. And Lisa definitely knows how to hold a grudge, shading her former co-stars any chance she gets. 

Since their friendship dissolved, Kyle and LVP have been seemingly doing their best to avoid each other any chance they get. Except for this week. We know Beverly Hills is a small “town,” at least according to Kyle, so it’s not shocking that LVP and Kyle happened to be at the same restaurant at the same time. However, Lisa apparently tried to play a little prank and send her bill to Kyle’s table, which didn’t go over well.

Kyle appeared on Watch What Happens Live with her fellow RHOBH stars, minus Erika Jayne, following the premiere of Season 11. And Andy Cohen couldn’t help but ask Kyle for her side of the story. “I was at dinner with one of our producers and she sent a bill over,” Kyle began. “She likes to look at Twitter and all that and see what people who don’t know us say, and everyone thought ‘Oh you can’t take a joke.'”


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Kyle added that whenever the two run into one another, LVP ignores her, but she always says hello. “The last time, she was so rude that this was actually the first time I didn’t go up to her table and say hello,” she said. Kyle had initially said that LVP stiffed the bill. So then Lisa shared her bank statement to prove she didn’t dine and dash like she accused Kelly Dodd of doing a few months ago. “I guess after they let her know it wasn’t paid and she paid,” Kyle said. “I wouldn’t doubt that she would pay eventually, but she did leave and wanted the bill paid.”

Kyle went on to shine a light on what she says is the “most important” part of the story, which is that a fan outside the restaurant asked LVP to sign his RHOBH cast picture and she scribbled over her former co-stars. “She went outside and there’s a fan who collects autographs. He asked me to sign some Halloween posters and he had a Real Housewives picture he wanted all the cast to sign, and [Lisa]Rinna’s already signed it. Vanderpump put Xs through all of our faces and mustaches and crossed us out and then put a heart next to her name and signed it and ruined his photo.”


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Most of the RHOBH ladies have already shaded Vanderpump about the autograph rumor via Instagram. But it’s not shocking Kyle was going to take her WWHL moment to call attention to LVP’s bad behavior and set the record straight. No wonder LVP said she wouldn’t only return to Real Housewives if the entire group was gone. It’s clear that any reconciliation is past the point of no return.  But I would love to see LVP’s take on Erika’s legal drama on camera. But at least we have Sutton Stracke for that.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]