Erika Jayne Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Recap: The Divided States Of Erika

The divorce that shocked the world is FINALLY playing out on The Real Housewives of Beverly HillsErika Jayne and Tom Girardi are no more. The mysterious marriage is coming to an end, and the insanity is only beginning. The other women have no idea what a ride they are in for this season. Erika can’t hide her life behind the curtain for too much longer. Too much is coming to light. It’s time to speak up or get out.

You have to wonder how legitimate Erika’s friendships are with Kyle Richards, Dorit Kemsley, & Lisa Rinna. They’re allegedly as thick as thieves, but they never saw this coming. They had no inkling whatsoever about this going down. What type of friend would keep their nearest and dearest in the dark like that? If anything, this might cause them to rethink their relationships with her. Will they hold her accountable for her secrecy?

Erika Jayne Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Things instantly kick off with Erika riding in the car. She’s on her way somewhere (not prison), and she’s doing a voice over while we watch. This feels so ominous. It feels like the show is going to an incredibly dark place, but in the most entertaining way.

Erika gets a lot of (justified) flack for not sharing her personal life on the show. This is a chance for her to prove everyone wrong. However, you have to wonder how forthcoming she’ll actually be. Is she willing to spill all of the tea about her failed marriage and the scandals that have erupted? That’s the real question at bay.

Erika says it’s difficult to explain and her friends will likely have a lot of questions. She has so much explaining to do. She’s always so mysterious about the inner workings of her life. It’s odd her alleged close friends would be so blindsided like they were.

Kyle’s having an election party, but Erika won’t be attending. She’s shocked about the news of the divorce because they went on vacation together. Erika didn’t say a word to anyone. What kind of friend is that?

Kyle & Dorit aren’t really speaking because of something that went down on the airplane ride home. Kyle chimed in during Dorit’s conversation with Crystal Kung Minkoff and cut her off. WHY DOES KYLE ALWAYS DO THAT? Let the woman speak.

Dorit of course snapped at Kyle which caused her to start crying. It has to be frustrating to deal with someone who won’t ever let you speak. This is far from the first time Dorit’s struggled to get her point across with Kyle present.

Crystal’s never experienced someone treating her the way Sutton Stracke did. Being in a group like this is an animal like no other. It’s not for everyone. Crystal thinks the stress of the election with help negate the petty squabbles frequently addressed in this group.

Things are tense between Crystal and Sutton when Sutton arrives. Sutton knows she’s on thin ice with Crystal right now, so she’s treading lightly. It’s a matter of time before these two are at odds again.

Lisa tells the group she was surprised to hear about the divorce. She never saw any signs of an impending split between the two. It’s so weird Erika didn’t share a peep with anyone though. What kind of friendship is that if they won’t confide in you?

Crystal tells everyone the stress of the trip caused her to lose five pounds. She opens up about being a recovering bulimic which stunned everyone. They were celebrating her rapid weight loss at first, but this goes a lot deeper. They had no idea Crystal’s been dealing with something like this for a long time. Hopefully they really listen and learn and don’t use it against her.

She wanted everyone to be aware of how hyper aware she is about her weight. Everyone’s experiences are different, but it helps for her to talk about it. There’s such a bravery with being open like that. You have to commend her for having the courage to lay it all out there in a group she’s only just now getting to know.

Dorit Kemsley Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Kyle pulls Dorit aside to talk about their squabble from the plane ride. Kyle says either they fix this or stop the pattern or they can’t be friends. The cycle has to come to an end.

Kyle feels as if Dorit treats her differently than the rest of the group. However, Dorit sees things in a much different light. To her, this is a continued pattern of Dorit not feeling like her voice matters to Kyle.

Dorit thinks Kyle’s flipping it onto her after Kyle makes this an ultimatum about their friendship. Kyle claims she cares about Dorit and tried hard to wait for an opening to get in the plane conversation. It’s as if she’s not hearing a word coming out of Dorit’s mouth. Nothing Dorit is attempting to convey is mattering in the slightest.

Dorit says they’re good, but Kyle wants to be really f**king good. She doesn’t want it to be the type of “I’m good” that Erika often gives to shut down a conversation. Kyle wants it to be a genuine reaction from the heart. Dorit iterates that they’re good and walks away because she’s “done”.

Nothing really got resolved in this one on one. Kyle wasn’t taking the time to truly listen to Dorit and what she feels. She was just waiting until the next moment she could speak to try and further prove her point. Friendships are a two way street. Not everything is about Kyle.

Dorit wants to get out of Kyle’s party as quickly as possible. Wow, she’s genuinely done with Kyle in this moment. She wanted to come and support Kyle, but she doesn’t want to be treated poorly. Eventually these two are going to have one of these moments that never gets resolved. If they continue on this path, it’s inevitable.

Crystal Kung Minkoff Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Sutton invites Garcelle Beauvais to come to a private shopping experience for a new car. That’s such an extra type of rich that I aspire to be. However, there are so many changes happening in Sutton’s life right now. She’s already overwhelmed, and this is another thing to add to that list. If she adds too much onto her stress pile, it’s going to collapse.

Rob Minkoff had a nice conversation with Sutton, and he found her to be very easy to talk to. It’s a lot easier for him to say that though because he wasn’t in the tense racial moment with Sutton. She didn’t walk in on him naked. These situations are not the same.

Rob was surprised to learn about Crystal sharing with the group about her eating disorder. She has a deeply rooted issue with food stemming from her childhood. She grew up wanting to be a skinny white girl. Obviously that’s not possible so it triggered a litany of issues.

Crystal wants to teach her daughter not to use terms like skinny because healthy is the better alternative. She doesn’t want her children to grow up associating words like that with what it means to be healthy. Her family doesn’t really know the extent of her history with bulimia, but it’s out there now!

Kyle & Kathy Hilton stop by Sutton’s store to discuss the Parisian themed event she’s happening. Sutton NEEDS to throw a party, but she doesn’t know who will be coming. Nobody has seen Erika yet. Is she going to have the gall to show up after blindsiding everyone the way she did? THE ANSWER IS YES. She confirmed she’ll be attending. OH MY GOD!

Sutton Stracke Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Lisa is actually showing us something from her home life. What is happening here? Has hell frozen over entirely? Harry Hamlin starting his own garden isn’t the riveting personal story we wanted, but it’s a start! Give us more pumpkins and potatoes!

Harry instructs Lisa on what to do with the garden in the event of a fire. Surprisingly, she did a decent job. She doesn’t know what her husband sees in her, but it might be her expert level blowjobs. Sometimes it pays off to suck!

Sutton goes to Paris four times a year, so the pandemic has put a large dent in those plans. Hosting this Parisian themed event is her way of bringing a bit of that to her life. I’d imagine being an event planner working for Sutton has to be a headache though. She’s A LOT. There’s no way she gets through planning a party without crying at least three times.

Kyle still hasn’t spoken to Dorit since the election night event. They might get the night off because all eyes are going to be on Erika. Her divorce is still hot off the press, and that’s going to be the topic on everyone’s lips. People are going to want answers.

LISA SHOWS UP TO THE PARTY WEARING THE SAME DRESS AS KYLE. NOT AGAIN! Last year she showed up wearing an ensemble identical to Erika. Plus. she’s gone to the reunion and worn the same shoes as someone. Lisa needs to go out of her way to be more unique because this is happening far too often. How maddening must that be though to show up at the same party in the same outfit. I’d have to leave.

Garcelle Beauvais Sutton Stracke Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

All of the women are celebrating Kamala Harris securing her spot in the White House. It’s a monumental moment to have a half black, half Asian WOMAN in the office. That’s huge honey! The big seat in the Oval Office is next!

Garcelle’s still stunned about Erika’s divorce. This is something she never saw coming. Nobody knew at all. In Tahoe, nobody had a clue what was going on.

Garcelle wonders if maybe Erika should wait to divorce Tom. Nobody gets what she means by that at first, but it’s obviously about his age. They didn’t know at the time that he was broke and she wasn’t going to get anything. I have to respect Garcelle for going there though. If you made it that far, you might as way wait until the end and collect those coins. However, there are no coins to collect from that man at this point in his life.

Erika finally arrives to Sutton’s and enters in the most dramatic way possible. She stands by the door and slams it shut with one hand and looks at everyone. She is ready to TALK. Let’s go ice queen, give us everything we’ve always wanted. The situation might be horrendous, but this is the type of REAL content people are wanting to see.


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