Below Deck Mediterranean Alum Hannah Ferrier Launching Tablescape Line Which Seemingly Shades Bugsy Drake

You can take Hannah Ferrier off the yacht, but you can’t take the snark out of the girl.  The former Below Deck Mediterranean Chief Stew was terminated after five seasons on the show for alleged valium and CBD use during charter.  While fans were divided on whether the termination was warranted or not, most agree that Bosun Malia White manipulated the situation by reporting Hannah’s prescriptions only when she wanted to change bunk arrangements.

But Malia was not the only one with whom Hannah had unresolved issues.  Bugsy Drake was reinstated as second stew shortly before Hannah’s departure.  The two did not get along after working together on a prior season, and Hannah’s guard was up the whole time.  And finally there’s Captain Sandy Yawn.  Sandy not only fired Hannah and promoted Bugsy, but terrorized her tablescaping and management style for years.  Some fans speculated that the three colluded to depose Hannah’s reign as OG Chief Stew.  During the Season Five Reunion, Hannah sipped from a “I Need A Valium” mug.  Nothing was resolved from that confrontation, and based on her new business venture, it’s clear that Hannah is not over it yet.

Hannah announced on her new business venture on Instagram this week.  In a post saying “3 Days,” Hannah teased, “coming soon…”  and the Twitter handle @buggsoffofficial.  The original post did not give much info but other Below Deck alums posted words of congratulations.  Below Deck Sailing Yacht stewardess Dani Soares wrote, “Bugs off…loved it.”  Hannah’s former cast mate, and Ocean International Training Academy business partner, Anastasia Surmava posted, “IT’S HAPPENING.”

Well the enthusiasm is certainly there, but what is this all about?  On Tuesday, Hannah shared more details.  She posted, “2 days…till I sort you out with the only table decor you need for summer.”  If you’re a Below Deck fan, you’ll hear the dig right away.


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For additional context, consider that Bugsy is the table decor queen who not only got Captain Sandy’s seal of approval, but who also released a successful book on tablescaping.  Bugsy went all out at each meal, while Hannah had to be strong armed into putting any embellishments.  This issue was a big pet peeve for Sandy and the name of Hannah’s line says all you need to know about how she feels about Bugsy.

A quick jump over to the official Instagram page for the brand labels it as a “Home Goods Store” touted as “the only table decor you ever need.”  Ok, so it’s bug repellent table decor.  That’s an interesting concept, but it does make one wonder what the real inspiration was here.  Maybe Hannah, nesting in Australia with her fiance and baby daughter, decided that home design is now her thing?  Or perhaps she’s a really shrewd business woman who saw a market for this kind of product?  Or she designed a line of products just to throw shade a formal rival?

Bugs Off products will be available starting June 24th.  Bugsy has not issued a response.


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]