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NeNe Leakes Shares Gregg Leakes’ Cancer Has Returned; Gregg Has Undergone Surgery And NeNe Asks For Prayers

This is the news absolutely no one wants and it’s during times like this you wonder, why do bad things happen to good people? In 2018, Real Housewives of Atlanta alum NeNe Leakes discovered her husband Gregg Leakes had stage 3 colon cancer. Season 11 was not an easy one for NeNe and Gregg’s diagnosis probably had a lot to do with it.

NeNe was constantly frustrated and clearly on edge, which is normal under the circumstances, but sometimes NeNe’s grace took a left turn. Cancer impacted Gregg’s health and his marriage, but he fought hard and found himself in remission. In May 2019, NeNe announced Gregg was cancer free and the couple celebrated, thinking the fight was over. Unfortunately, life has a way of kicking you in the face when you least expect it and NeNe just shared Gregg’s cancer has returned.

This sucks. Cancer sucks. There are certain characters in the Housewives universe that give us stability amongst chaos. Laughter through tears. They provide reasoning in the face of adversity. That could probably sum Gregg up in a nutshell. Who doesn’t love Gregg? The man who married NeNe not one but two times and, if you go by what we saw on television, provided an endless supply of support to his wife in her career.

NeNe and Gregg made it over the rough hurdle that is “treatment” when Gregg beat colon cancer the first time. Now they are putting their boxing gloves back on. According to E! News, Gregg has undergone surgery for his second round with this horrible disease. On an Instagram Live, NeNe provided an update. Gregg is currently in the hospital recovering from a recent procedure. “He’s been in the hospital, tomorrow will be a week,” NeNe said. “I’m sure he’ll be home in about a week or so. He had to have a surgery.”


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NeNe added Gregg has “had this surgery before” and didn’t offer further information. She has asked her fans and followers to send love Gregg’s way. “This is the first time I’m saying something about it. I’d love everybody to pray for Gregg… pray for his strength… and pray for me too.” NeNe briefly detailed the toll the cancer is taking on Gregg’s body. “It’s difficult. He’s super small. If you’ve ever been around somebody who’s had cancer before, he’s different. He’s different.”

While Gregg’s health is the most important issue, we must not discount the role of caregiver. It is an often thankless, extremely difficult position to find yourself in. Watching someone you love in pain, or struggling is not easily navigated and it’s imperative NeNe receives support as well. As Gregg faces this new obstacle with NeNe by his side, send some good wishes and positive thoughts their way. All of us at Reality Tea are sending strength to NeNe and Gregg, and let’s all try to be a little kinder to people today. Because that’s what Gregg would want us to do. Fuck Cancer.


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