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Gregg Leakes Explained Why He Referred To Cynthia Bailey As “A Sister” During The Reunion

Real Housewives of Atlanta, which is all about NeNe Leakes at this point, is airing the reunion episodes and all the dirty laundry between NeNe and the other ladies. It has been an eventful season for NeNe. Kandi Burruss and pregnant Porsha Williams entered NeNe’s mystery closet after NeNe instructed them not to go in it. A furious NeNe pulled off a camera man’s shirt and may have pulled off Porsha’s belt. Maybe they should have ditched the glamorous ballroom and feisty koi fish in favor of filming the reunion in NeNe’s closet.

NeNe also has an issue with former bestie Cynthia Bailey inviting RHOA alum Kenya Moore to Cynthia’s wine cooler launch. All guest lists must be approved by NeNe so no “monsters” like Kenya can get in. Even NeNe’s husband Gregg Leakes was not spared this season. Gregg is battling colon cancer, and recently completed his chemo treatments.

NeNe is tired of Gregg being grumpy, and apparently tired of being a caregiver. NeNe told Cynthia at Eva Marcille’s wedding that she and Gregg might separate. At the reunion, Gregg was apologetic to his wife, but their marriage is in bad shape. It looks like NeNe is over it.

So why did Gregg say at the reunion that he felt Cynthia’s support, and that Cynthia is like “a sister” to him? Gregg took to Instagram to explain what he meant, and it looks like Gregg is sticking to a script that NeNe has written. (The grammar in these posts is a bit rough.) “America… here is ‘why’ i  said Cynthia is like a sister to me at the reunion. When asked the question from Andy, my mind went totally blank. All my thoughts just disappeared. What happened was, ‘in my head’, i could hear my wife saying she was like a sister to her in the past. So i simply said what i heard the voice in my head saying…,” Gregg posted.

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“That’s why i said it… I fully support my wife at every turn. What was done to my wife was not sisterly.” Gregg added, “Thank you again America for ALL your Prayers and Well Wishes.”

In another Instagram post, Gregg wrote about how Cynthia has wronged his beloved wife. Gregg references the recorded call between Cynthia and Kandi where Cynthia mentions that they must get their stories straight about how Kenya came to be at the party. “I’m NOT getting in women’s business, rather Show Business. When i watched the show as you will tonight, what i saw & heard…cover up – Plot – betrayal. The Plot – to cover up what was done so nobody looks like less than the “sister” / friend they should be,” Gregg wrote.

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“Sisters don’t go to extremes like that to make sure their ‘tracks are covered’ for no reason. I’m miked – I’m miked – I’m miked, she tried to tell you…. But that didn’t matter… got caught. Ever wanted to show a ‘sister’ where she stands with you… well… you did… so own it…”

Are these words coming from Gregg? Or NeNe? I wonder why Gregg is trying to have NeNe’s back at this point? NeNe did say that she thought that Gregg got cancer as karma for cheating on her. It looks like NeNe is ready to cut Gregg loose, just like she did with Cynthia.

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