Real Housewives Of Potomac Star Wendy Osefo Is Writing A Book About Motherhood

These days I spend the majority of my time daydreaming about the upcoming season of the Real Housewives of Potomac. Potomac is back baby and the ladies are ready to bring it as always. Even though we lost Monique Samuels after her contentious fight with Candiace Dillard, there’s no shortage of drama this year. Wendy Osefo is embarking on her second season, and according to teasers, she’s ready to learn who her real friends are. Hint hint, Gizelle Bryant isn’t exactly one of them.

Wendy wasted no time slithering right into the group and is a perfect Real Housewives addition. She’s got four degrees. Three babies. And a whole lot of family drama. And this season, she’ll be in the hot seat when the streets of Potomac started a rumor that Eddie Osefo fathered a side baby with another woman. And Gizzy isn’t able to not bring up any salacious rumblings about her co-stars because, well, she’s good at being messy. And while Wendy may have gone at it with Karen Huger and Ashley Darby last season, this feud with Gizelle looks like it’ll be next-level.

And now Miss Wendy With The Four Degrees is ready to tell her story in an entirely new way – by releasing a book about her life. People announced that Wendy has a new book titled Tears Of My Mother: The Legacy of my Nigerian Upbringing, with a release date set for May 2022. It’s the hot new thing these days for any and all Bravolebrities to write a book. And let’s be real, some stars who are much less interesting than Wendy have added “published author” to their Instagram bios. Wendy’s family dynamics seem to be too complicated for the Bravo cameras to capture. So a book makes sense for the badass career woman.

As for the subject of the book, Wendy told People, “Motherhood is a layered concept and being able to examine it through this book from my lens of an immigrant and mother of three has opened my eyes to the many ways we as mothers carry the weight of our past into not only our future but that of our children.” Alright, give me an audiobook version and I’m sold.


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It’s to be determined if any of Wendy’s reality TV appearances will be a topic in the book, considering that’s such a small portion of her life. Wendy was born in Nigeria and raised in the U.S. We know about the four degrees, but she also was the first Black woman to obtain a Ph.D. in Public Affairs from her alma mater. Quite the story to tell.

She added that she hopes readers will learn that it’s never too late to make a change in your life from her story. “We must prepare future generations not for our world, but the world they will live in when we are no longer here,” Wendy said. Powerful stuff. But something tells me petty old Gizelle probably won’t be reading a copy, considering Wendy’s “not interesting” enough for her. 


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]