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Bershan Shaw Says Ramona Singer “Is Definitely Not A Racist”

Eboni K. Williams was the first Black Housewife to appear on Real Housewives of New York. Eboni has been busy trying to educate her cast members on racial issues. It’s been a lot to handle.

Leah McSweeney isn’t happy about her RHONY bestie Eboni having a friendship with Ramona Singer. Ramona commented, “What really surprised me the most was my immediate connection with Eboni. It just felt so natural, so right.”

During the cast trip to the Hamptons, Eboni heard Ramona say that she “gets her help wrong.” Eboni had a chat with Ramona, who tried to wiggle out of the situation. Ramona finally apologized.

Eboni stated that Ramona is “a professional runner, and she really tried to shut that conversation down.” During another discussion, Ramona literally ran away to another room because Eboni wouldn’t stop talking about politics. And it was just the two of them. Awkward!

In March 2021, RHONY viewers learned that motivational speaker and breast cancer survivor Bershan Shaw was joining the cast. Bershan wrote on Instagram, “The ladies are hot and at their best. It will be a lot of laughter, crying, growing, learning, challenging, diversity and taking it to the next level.”

During the most recent episode of  the show, we finally met Bershan when she accompanied Ramona to Eboni’s dinner party in Harlem. Ramona and Bershan had a fun and breezy vibe.

Eboni had meticulously planned this party to help educate the other New York ladies, but Ramona and Sonja Morgan were like two fidgety toddlers waiting for dinner. Bershan chimed in to say that she believes that everyone is the same no matter what race they are. Eboni felt like Bershan undid what she was trying to accomplish. These two ladies are going to have some drama in the future.

When Ramona posted a photo with Eboni on Instagram, and later posted one with Bershan, her co-stars had some choice words to say behind Ramona’s back. Luann de Lesseps, Leah, and Sonja felt that Ramona was “strategically” posting pictures with Black women.


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Bershan recently appeared on The Dom Nati Show, where she fielded questions about Ramona. The host asked, “Have you noticed that Ramona doesn’t have a lot of Black friends?” Bershan responded, “I mean, I don’t know where that statement comes from. I’m Black. Right?”

She continued, “I don’t know where any of that comes from that she doesn’t have any Black friends. I mean, and that she’s a racist. I don’t really know where that comes from.” The newbie cast member stated, “She’s not a racist. Come on, you guys.” Bershan also discussed how RHONY was going to tackle all the current issues. “Look, what I love about the Housewives is it’s current. It’s now. Race is a topic of America, of the world,” Bershan commented.


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According to Showbiz CheatSheet, Bershan also defended Ramona on The Wendy Williams Show. “Ramona is definitely not a racist. What she is- is she lives in her bubble,” the business coach explained. “So, we have to understand, everyone doesn’t grow up in a diverse background. Everyone doesn’t grow up around African Americans and Hispanics and all of that stuff,” Bershan said. “So, in her bubble, she lives the way she lives.”


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