Tamra Judge Hints At Return To Real Housewives With TikTok Video

Well, well, well, what do we have here? What happens when a Housewives season falls flat on it’s face and thoughts, prayers, or medical science can’t bring it back from the dead? When this unusual phenomena occurs, someone at Bravo makes a phone call and calls in the big guns – or as my father would say, “the cleaners”. Real Housewives of Orange County is a mess, a big mess. Viewers are saying good-bye to dead weight and Heather Dubrow is coming in hot with the Windex.

Buh-bye Kelly Dodd, good luck Braunwyn Windham-Burke. Elizabeth Lyn Vargas, eh. RHOC suffered in the wake of Covid filming and cast members competing to see who could be the biggest asshole. We know who won that contest and the prize was walking papers. Fancy Pants is coming back but could another old school vet also materialize in an attempt to return RHOC to the glory days of yore? If that isn’t the case, Tamra Judge sure as hell wants you to think it is.

Vicki Gunvalson is sitting by the phone but her fiancé is busy trying to make California California again. Is Tammy Sue the answer to making Orange County Orange County again? Let us all walk hand in hand into the void of Tamra’s potential return. It’s not like anyone would be shocked and face it, RHOC is in television ICU and things need to be done to repair this situation. We all know good and well Tamra would come back if asked and she’s dropping some pretty big hints on social media.

Yesterday Tamra posted a very interesting video from TikTok to her Insta and yes Tamra, we see you. In the clip, she’s having a drank and getting primped whilst listening to Nicki Minaj. She casually looks into the camera and lip syncs the following line, “I took a couple, you know, I took some time off to rest and now it’s game time, bitches”. Pretty convenient timing because RHOC is currently in production. So then Bravo fan accounts, Twitter, and Instagram mutually melted down until someone was forced to come up with an excuse.


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According to Entertainment Tonight, we all jumped to conclusions. Except we didn’t because we aren’t dummies and this game isn’t new, but we’ll play along anyway because we’re cool like that. ET claims Tamra was just getting ready for an unrelated interview. All together now… SURE, JAN. Remind me about the media outlets clamoring for interviews with Tamra. Who is out here wanting to sit down with Tammy Sue and discuss her exclusive line of CBD oils? Exactly.

The streets are saying Tamra is coming back but she won’t get an orange. This will most likely be a friend of role, but a heavy friend of role a la Marlo Hampton. She’ll be around all the time and probably provide some good content when she and Fancy Pants go up against Shannon STORMS Beador in the OG of the OC Hell in a Cell. Stay tuned for Tamra’s next social media update when she will post pics of herself being followed by cameras with Shannon weeping in the background, but don’t get excited because it’s probably just another random interview.


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]