NeNe Leakes Compares Real Housewives Exit To Beyoncé Knowles Leaving Destiny’s Child

The once great NeNe Leakes has fallen pretty far off the ladder. I’ll say it, NeNe was Real Housewives of Atlanta. If you watched that show, you knew who NeNe was and if you didn’t watch, you probably still knew who NeNe was. She was funny, she was refreshing, and she put RHOA in a place where it would not currently be without her influence. That was my say something nice.

Somewhere along the way, NeNe lost sight of the big picture. Instead of staying the course, she tried to take over the ship and appoint herself captain. But her ego grew several thousand sizes too big and even she lost control of it. NeNe got fired left RHOA during the 13th season and she likens it to one of the music industry’s most heart-wrenching moments. In a recent interview, NeNe equates her departure from Housewives to that of Beyoncé Knowles leaving Destiny’s Child. I think the only current correlation between NeNe and Bey is NeNe has Bills, Bills, Bills.

NeNe used to be the darling of both Bravo and Andy Cohen. Daddy rarely failed to mention his adoration for NeNe and she was able to parlay that into a spinoff of her own. But when NeNe got too big for her britches, she started acting out. Her husband Gregg Leakes battled colon cancer and NeNe was vicious to him on social media. Her attitude on the show became almost erratic at times and it was obvious she was struggling with something. She ultimately left the series and unleashed a tirade of insults and personal attacks on Big Daddy and the Bravo network.

NeNe said things you can’t come back from and short of birthing another child and handing it over to whatever entity that keeps Bravo going, we won’t see her again on RHOA. She recently sat down and discussed her departure from the show and did something quite interesting. NeNe compared herself to… Beyoncé. Baller Alert has the details on her Hollywood Unlocked interview.


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NeNe was asked how she feels when the OG fans beg for her return. “I think it’s very difficult to… go to the burger place down the street and think you’re going to get a Happy Meal. I mean, McDonald’s started the Happy Meal,” she said before adding, “It’s very hard to –– in a very nice way –– go somewhere and think that you can fill the shoes of something that someone started.”

Okay, let the record state NeNe is both McDonald’s and Beyoncé. Cue up Say My Name because here it comes. “It’s kind of hard to have the group Destiny’s Child and take Beyoncé out and think you have Destiny’s Child. It’s kind of difficult to do that,” NeNe added. And herein lies the problem with Bey NeNe. She is not McDonald’s or Beyoncé but god bless whomever instilled that confidence in her.


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Here’s a difference between Bey and NeNe! Beyoncé is talented was successful after she left Destiny’s Child. Bey didn’t go on multiple press tours and call Michelle Williams a horrible racist or tell everyone within earshot that Kelly Rowland is a scathing manipulator, thereby leaving the door open for a possible reunion. NeNe, on the other hand, managed to destroy every bridge, olive branch, or token of good faith in her path. I’m guessing now wouldn’t be a good time to remind NeNe her twinsie Bey not-so-secretly prefers Kenya Moore


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