Erika Jayne Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: Shattered Minds And Broken Ankles

Erika Jayne. The name on everyone’s lips. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is focusing almost entirely on her messy and horrifying divorce from Tom Girardi. Her costars want answers. They want to know the uncensored truth about the woman they believe to be their friend. There are appalling allegations being made about both she and Tom. If she’s going to keep these friends, she’s going to have to be as transparent as possible. People want answers.

With a new trip coming up, this is a pivotal point for Crystal Kung Minkoff & Sutton Stracke. At every event or trip, they’ve found a way to be at each other’s throats. It’s entertaining to a point, but it can’t go on forever. They’re going to have to learn how to coexist within the group. It might be difficult. They might even have to fake it until they make it. However, the other women might be sick of them going round for round.

Erika Jayne Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

The ladies are officially packing for their next cast trip! Hopefully, it’s full of fun and glamour. The Tahoe trip was draining because of the animosity between Sutton & Crystal. Speaking of Crystal, she and Erika will be staying in a hotel. Crystal probably doesn’t want to be “violated” again, and Erika needs privacy.

Erika’s clearing out her office space. It’s an expense she doesn’t need anymore. It’s crazy to see how far she’s fallen so quickly. Everything has collapsed into pieces since the divorce. The more shit comes out about Tom, the bigger the backlash on Erika.

Erika is still not receiving any money from Tom since she left him. No matter what, she’s still able to take care of herself. She comes off like a fighter. Everyone thinks I’m up her ass or that I’m secretly her writing this. Neither are true. I’m just giving my hot takes on what’s before my very eyes. Empathy police be damned!

Kyle Richards’ already at her other house in the dessert. The other women will be joining shortly. Perhaps if they can get out of Beverly Hills and somewhere more peaceful, the energy can improve. Everything’s felt so heavy in the group as of late.

Lisa Rinna’s the first to arrive, and her energy is infectious. She makes me want to shake my ass and live my best fucking life. She’s not a saint by any stretch of the imagination, but she’s FUN. The group needs that right now. Fun is an element missing from the group over the last few seasons.

Kathy Hilton shows up and wants someone to help with her luggage. This is your sister’s home, not one of your family’s hotel chains. How do you not know that your sister doesn’t have people on staff at her home? You CAN’T be that privileged.

Kyle Richards Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Crystal says things between she and Sutton have improved since their last encounter. Well, it couldn’t possibly get any worse. As long as Crystal doesn’t use the word violated or wear hideous bottoms, she should be good. We must do whatever we can to avoid triggering Sutton. Let the mouse go, and let’s have some fun instead.

The government froze all of Tom’s assets. Holy shit! The things coming out about this man get more grotesque by the minute. Everyone’s going to wonder what Erika knew. What was really going on behind closed doors? What is their friend keeping from them? By the looks of things, it’s damning.

Everything coming out about Tom is disturbing. Hearing who the victims were of this horrific plane crash makes it so much worse. This is major.

Lisa calls Erika and they’re pleasantly surprised to learn she’s still coming on the trip. Erika needs to prepare herself to be bombarded by questions. These women want answers. They deserve to know who they’re spending time with.

It’s SO NICE to see Crystal & Sutton vibing better on this trip. They might be over their never ending issue. The cycle’s been broken! For now at least.

Kyle’s grateful things with she and Kathy are in a better place. They spent so much time apart over petty shit. The dynamic has shifted in the best of ways. They’re connection is light and airy, and Kathy’s a lot of fun. I’m eternally thankful they mended fences, and Kathy was placed in our orbit.

Erika Jayne Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Erika finally shows up to Kyle’s and is greeted by a plethora of hugs. Everyone in the group wants to be there for her. It’s jarring to witness Erika break down every time we see her now. We went so many seasons not seeing much genuine emotion from her. Now, there’s a tearful release at every turn.

Erika tells the women that it’s “not okay” and that it’s “not gonna be okay for a long time”.  She wakes up in the worst place ever because all of the news is bad. Every day more things come out about Tom. This shit is BAD. Everything Erika thought about her life has been toppled over.

Erika still hasn’t spoken a damn word to Tom. 20 years is officially down the drain. She’s relieved in many ways that she hasn’t had to interact with him. However, hearing about his cognitive decline is on her mind. She hopes she gets the health he needs at the end of the day.

Sutton wonders why Erika’s being dragged into all of this. This isn’t abnormal though. It’s also not abnormal for spouses to be unaware of each other’s business dealings. I don’t understand why everyone automatically assumes she would know everything. It’s easy to want to think that. I guess that makes for a better story at the water cooler.

Poor Sutton brings up the story of her father’s suicide right before Christmas. It was a horrific thing to undergo, but she came out of the other side stronger. Having a 9 month old child and excited for their first Christmas be destroyed by this is heartbreaking. So traumatic.

Dorit Kemsley Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Dorit Kemsley working as Kathy’s “staff” and helping her up the stairs with her luggage is GOLD. Kathy has the power to make someone like Dorit do everything for her. Kathy is a LEGEND. We are her to serve legends. Period.

Kathy wants everyone to release their toxic energy because of the rare new moon. PLEASE NEVER CHANGE. After the prayer thing to the moon, Kyle asks about the future of the Erika Jayne persona. She has no idea what’s in store.

Sutton wonders if Tom will rush the divorce now because of the legal trouble. She doesn’t think there’s anything to get from Tom at this point. Erika wants Tom to give up practicing as a lawyer. She believes there’s too much going on with his mind to effectively do his job.

The women are really rallying around her right now. The truth comes out about a car accident from a few years ago. Tom got in a car accident and broke his ankle, and she laughed most of it off back then. She finally reveals Tom was unconscious for 12 hours after the car accident, but nobody knew that. This is way different than what everyone ever thought.

Erika leaves everyone speechless when she says he drove OFF A FUCKING CLIFF. This is an insane revelation. Sutton however doesn’t understand the details of this car story. This must be the jumping off point for the eventual feud between Erika & Sutton. Things are not adding up for Sutton regarding this wacky Tom tale.

Erika Jayne Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Erika assumed Tom’s disappearance was because he was with another woman. She alleges he was cheating on her with MULTIPLE women. Kyle’s heard this before. This isn’t new information for her. Beverly Hills is a small town. People talk. Whispers speak volumes.

Erika found evidence of a YEARS LONG affair. Tom wouldn’t even deny cheating on Erika. This is huge. She had nowhere else to go. That’s what it sounds like. No matter what you think on the outside, you never know the truth. Things behind closed doors are sometimes far worse than you could ever imagine.

Lisa lifts the heaviness with a hilarious story because it was NEEDED. Harry Hamlin is just as confused as all of us about how Scott Disick became a part of their life. I can’t imagine the relationship with Amelia Gray having lasting legs. It’s cute for the moment, but surely it won’t be a forever thing?

As “outraged” as she claims to be, you know Lisa’s loving this. This is keeping her name on everyone’s lips and probably giving her new Rinna Beauty company some buzz. If her children can remain in the public eye, it only serves her in a positive manner. Let the people talk!


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