Ashley Darby On Wendy Osefo’s Season 2 Changes: “Come Out With Who You Really Are From The Beginning”

Real Housewives of Potomac has already started off on fire. I am loving the drama already, most importantly, because it took no time to amp up. Which is the sign of an excellent housewives franchise. The ladies have such good chemistry and history that they don’t have to try and create drama for the cameras. They just are drama. And everyone is loving it.

One housewife surprisingly leading the pack this season is Wendy Osefo. In her freshman season, she was all about her prestige and education. She wanted to be addressed as a doctor and aside from that, she laid back a lot and just watched the fights unfold. Well, unless you count her dust up with T’Challa. RIP, little buddy. But this season, despite calling herself “Zen Wen”, she has been anything but. Her first order of business was coming for newbie Mia Thornton. All because she didn’t think she was loyal enough to Karen Huger. Why Wendy cares so much about Mia and Karen’s relationship has been a mystery to us fans.

But fans aren’t the only one confused by Wendy’s new persona. And no, we aren’t talking about her newly done boobs and butt, that she was happy to show off at her Nude Interlude party. We are talking about “Zen Wen.” Castmate Ashley Darby recently appeared on Watch What Happens Live and answered some questions about Dr. Zen Wen.

When host Andy Cohen asked some thoughts, Ashley agreed with guest Ryan O’Connell and said, “New boobies, new brain. It’s exactly the same. My girl.”

Andy then asked how Ashley is reacting to it all. Ashley replied, “I just feel like. You know, Wendy is coming into her own now. I just wish she would have presented that first. Instead of four degrees and now here’s my boobies. Like just come out with who you really are from the beginning. If she wanted to be more sexual and feel her skin, just say that.”


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Ashley does make a point. I do think that having her second season has a lot to do with Wendy’s new appearance and made up persona. Almost every housewife has a significant glow up in between their first and second seasons. Wendy is no different, she just had to hold a whole party to announce it.

With that said, it doesn’t look like the whole “Zen Wen” thing is going to catch on. Wendy should have thought through a better nickname for herself. Because right now, she is anything but zen.


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