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Candiace Dillard Defends Wendy Osefo; Says “A Good Wife Should Have Her Husband On A Tight Leash”

The Real Housewives of Potomac is truly a one-of-a-kind show. The ladies will be sitting around, having a kiki and it will turn into a shade-throwing battle at the snap of a finger. We’ve seen it between Gizelle Bryant and Karen Huger nearly every episode. Or Candiace Dillard-Bassett and Ashley Darby in the infamous butter knife incident. Potomac is a top-tier city because it’s a genuine drama between real friends. And even newbie Mia Thornton is fitting right into the mold, with her best bud the Grande Dame by her side.

Mia’s jumped right into the drama, getting into it with the new and improved Wendy Osefo. Mia’s been messy, but Zen Wen isn’t exactly keeping the peace either in her attempts to defend Gizzy. And it got even worse at the spa trip that was meant to keep the peace. Mia’s hinted that she gets into it the most with Wendy and CandeePants, so we’ll have to wait and see what caused the major food fight hinted in the RHOP trailer.

Mia’s been doubling down that Wendy with the Four Degrees is bothered and insecure about her husband. She made that judgment after the lovers’ lunch with the couples’ game that revealed a whole lot of TMI information about the freaky side of the ladies of RHOP. Mia believed that Wendy has Eddie Osefo on a tight leash. And honestly, can you blame her with all the side baby rumors floating around?

CandeeGal appeared on Watch What Happens Live this week to discuss all things Potomac. And a fan asked Candiace if she agrees with Wendy that she keeps Eddie on a tight leash. “I think that any good wife should have her husband on a tight leash,” Candiace said. I wonder if husbandger Chris Bassett agrees, or is just sipping bourbon to put up with Candiace’s antics.


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Either way, she might have a point — Gizelle seemingly kept Jamal Bryant on a veryyyy loose leash. Actually, he was just roaming around free without any ties to his wife and family. And look how that turned out. But to be fair, Pastor Holy Whore is a mess all on his own.

Nema Vand from Shahs of Sunset appeared alongside Candiace at WWHL and disagreed with her assessment. He believes that Wendy was acting weird with their responses during the couples’ game. But Candee continued to defend Wendy by explaining a bit of what went on behind the scenes. “We didn’t know that they were over there cheating and I texted Wendy when I saw it,” Candiace said.

Candiace continued, “I was like ‘Oh my god you guys are over there cheating,’ and she was like ‘I thought there was going to be a prize at the end of this.” Alright, so Wendy was just looking to be No. 1 in the game, seems harmless enough. And Mia obviously wasn’t just reading into it — she took that and ran with the insecure comments.


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