Paris Hilton Plans To Wear 10 Wedding Dresses On Her Wedding Day

While Kathy Hilton has stolen the show on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills this season, no one will upstage her daughter Paris Hilton on her upcoming wedding day. The media mogul/entrepreneur is planning to get married to her fiance Carter Reum soon. The pair started dating in April 2020 and got engaged in February. Paris has come a long way from her sex tape to reality TV fame and will seemingly stop at nothing to build her brand. And while her eye-opening YouTube documentary This Is Paris pulled back the curtain on her life, she’s finally moving on from her dark past to chase her happily ever after. With a lavish wedding filmed for another TV show she’s planning. That’s hot.

Paris recently appeared on The Tonight Show to gush about the wedding planning process, Page Six reports. Not only is she planning a “three-day affair” for the celebration, but also will have an entire wardrobe for the weekend. (sounds similar to Porsha Williamsnuptial planning). She’s apparently ready to wear “lots of dresses, probably 10” due to her love of outfit changes. As for Carter, he likely will be sticking to one suit. “He’s not as high maintenance as I am,” Paris laughed. Understatement of the year. We are talking about Kathy’s daughter, remember. The same woman who says she never drives herself anywhere and is accustomed to living with chefs, housekeepers, and 24/7 room service. Goals.


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While Paris has her dress situation down, the rest of wedding planning has been “very stressful” for her. Despite the stress, she insists she’s “not a bridezilla at all,” but we’ll need Kathy and Nicky Hilton to weigh in on that. Now that Paris is heading into married life, maybe she’ll join her mom and auntie Kyle Richards by joining RHOBH. Or at the very least, make a cameo on the show alongside her fun-loving mom. But let’s remember Nicky didn’t want her Kathy on the Bravo show in the first place, so she’d likely try to talk her sister out of it. But we know Paris isn’t afraid of reality TV, considering she was one of the earliest stars in the genre. It only seems right for her to get back to where she started — making people laugh, much like Kathy, with her on-screen antics.


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[Photo Credit: Amy Sussman/Getty Images]