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Nicky Hilton Cried When Kathy Hilton Joined Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Kathy Hilton is the shining star of the current (and her first) season on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She brings out a fun, light-hearted side of her sister Kyle Richards, who she lovingly refers to as Doogie. She can’t sleep without a box fan, doesn’t know what RedBull is and when asked what she would put in a flask, she said mouth wash. I repeat, MOUTH WASH.

While Kyle’s run on the show with a sister by her side hasn’t worked so well in the past, Kathy is the perfect friend-of who brings the laughs, and plenty of pranks, to RHOBH. And it seems like Kathy and Kyle have grown closer in the situation. Considering their rocky past, it’s a pleasant surprise. It’s been a long time coming for Kathy to make an appearance and now I never want her to leave the show. While she’s skeptical, she needs a diamond in her hand full-time so I can see more of her wacky life.

But not everyone was excited for Kathy to make a Real Housewives debut. Kathy and newbie Crystal Kung Minkoff appeared on Watch What Happens Live this week to dish about the show. Kyle was in the audience to cheer her sister on and make sure she didn’t say anything too nice about Lisa Vanderpump. It was a real family affair — Kathy’s daughter, Nicky Hilton, was the bartender.

Andy Cohen was obviously loving Kathy and co.’s appearance in the WWHL studio, so he didn’t hold back from asking Kyle and Nicky a few questions of their own. At one point in the show, he turned to Nicky and asked her opinion of her mom on the show so far. And he asked the big important question — “What are the texts between you and Paris [Hilton] about the show?”

Nicky, who Andy mentioned typically keeps her head down in her businesses, gave a brutally honest answer. “Do you want me to admit something I’ve never admitted in my life?” she began. “Besides to my husband. When I found out, I cried.” So not EVERYONE was happy to see Kathy join the show.


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Kathy was shocked by her daughter’s answer. “Well I knew you weren’t happy, but what about now?” she replied. Kyle jumped in (Dorit Kemsley would’ve been pissed) to say she and Nicky share memes about the show now. “I’ve come around, but I cried,” Nicky said.

Kathy truly looked heartbroken that her daughter was so upset about her decision. “This is like the worst thing that could’ve happened in a way, but it’s the best because Kyle and I are back together. And I’m not cursing and fighting and being mean to people,” Kathy said. She’s previously expressed her dislike of Kyle and Kim Richards’ infamous limo fight. So she’s not down to get in the mud with any drama-filled ladies. But providing comic relief? That’s right up Kathy’s alley.

Nicky went on to say that she’s a viewer of “all of” the Real Housewives, so she’s privy to the craziness that goes on. Kathy even said Nicky loves Andy particularly. “I was very worried but I have been pleasantly surprised,” Nicky said of the show. Maybe this means one day Paris and Nicky will get diamonds of their own and continue the RH family legacy. Hey, a girl can dream.


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