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Kathy Hilton Dishes On Friendship With Lisa Vanderpump In Midst Of Lisa’s Feud With Kyle Richards

Kathy Hilton enchanted every viewer with her presence the second she walked into this season of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Kyle Richards has another sister by her side, and boy is she goofy. Kathy’s a prankster who has a thing for t-shirts with inspirational quotes and sleeping with fans. She’s weird and wacky, bringing some much-needed comic relief to a heavy season including the COVID-19 pandemic and Erika Jayne’s legal drama.

Kathy is the gift that keeps on giving, especially when she keeps Kyle up until 1 a.m. while she’s drinking Red Bull and reading a newspaper. Classic Kathy.  While she’s said she doesn’t think she wants to ever be full-time on RHOBH, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that she changes her mind. I need Bravo to make a spinoff with Kathy, Kyle and Kim Richards, because I just cannot get enough of Doogie’s wacky sisters.

Kathy appeared on Watch What Happens Live this week alongside Crystal Kung Minkoff, and Kyle was in the audience to cheer her on. Things got a little awkward when a fan asked Kathy if it’s hard to remain friends with Lisa Vanderpump, considering LVP and Kyle’s falling out.  “You know, Kyle is sitting right here,” Kathy began. And Kyle shot her a look to let her know she was REALLY interested to hear her response.

“Truthfully, I don’t. She’s so busy,” Kathy said (in her own choppy language that Kyle just mimicked on RHOBH). Kyle chimed in to say “You’re not friends with her,” causing an uproar in the clubhouse. “Oh look it we’re having a big fight,” Kathy responded. As I said, I need all three Richards sisters on a show ASAP. This banter is TV gold.


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Kathy continued to give a very confusing answer that sort of gives fans a look at her friendship with LVP. “She’s busy and she does work for Mr. Cohen, Andrew as I should be calling him,” Kathy said. Like, what is this woman saying? “I don’t get a chance to see her.”

She went on to mention LVP’s recent remarks telling Kyle to keep her “new nose” out of her business, amidst one of their weekly petty feuds. “I was kind of like, that made me feel a little bad because Kyle always wanted to just have things good,” Kathy said to the remark. I theorize that part of the reason Kyle and LVP keep going back and forth is that they miss each other and their toxic relationship. But neither one will apologize first so they’ll continue to throw shade for eternity.


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It is interesting because LVP previously said she would make a triumphant return to RHOBH if Bravo fired the entire cast, except Kathy. She also said Kathy is a no-nonsense kind of girl, which is probably why she stopped watching the show when Kim and Kyle fought in the limo many seasons ago. Kathy’s obviously here for the light-heartedness and to support her sister. And, in turn, that probably means giving up her friendship with Kyle’s mortal enemy.


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