Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Recap: Defining Women

Erika Jayne is mentioning it all! Whether or not you believer what she’s saying doesn’t change how intense this drama is. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is making a major move to return to its former glory. This is classic BH with the juiciest dark and twisty drama possible. Erika’s divorce from Tom Girardi is giving fans bombshells and plot twists left and right. What do you believe? Is Erika telling the truth about the downfall of her love story?

The Erika drama is delicious, but Sutton Stracke & Crystal Kung Minkoff are carrying the season with their feud. Some might think it’s going on for far too long, but it’s the main glue of the season. These women are able to continue this fight at every turn, and it always feels out of nowhere. Every time you think this issue is dead, they find a way to revive it and further the tension. This is a feud that might never end.

Erika Jayne Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Based on Tom’s previous divorces, she’s in for a tough fight. I don’t know how she’s going to go up against this man. He knows how to maneuver the legal system, so she has an uphill battle. This might not end well at all. Erika might’ve unlocked a monster when she split from this man.

Sutton’s hanging out with Erika and gives her the full divorce kit. She’s treating her to lavish gifts to lift her spirits during everything. We all need a friend that is going to help raise us up in our darkest times. If I ever break up with my current significant other, I NEED someone to do this for me.

Erika tells Sutton she has moments where she feels very lost. She still hasn’t spoken to Tom because there’s nothing else to say. However, she doesn’t think he’s going to have the warm and fuzzes toward her. If you look back at the way he spoke to her in the past, things really become clear about their marriage. It’s sad really.

Sutton Stracke Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Having a regular exercise routine helps Crystal with her body image issues. Now that we know about her eating disorder, it changes the perspective of what happened in Tahoe with Sutton. If she has issues with her body, obviously she’s going to be triggered by Sutton seeing her naked. The jokes didn’t help either, I’m sure.

As an adult, Crystal isn’t a fighter, but she will defend herself if needed. That’s exactly what’s happening with Sutton. She didn’t set it off initially, but she isn’t taking it laying down either. Good for her!

Erika & Sutton take a trip to get some cryotherapy which is intriguing but terrifying. They say it’s great for you, but it’s so damn cold. Erika’s already cold as ice, so it should come naturally to her.

Sutton asks Erika if she’s mad at Tom for not seeing her when she performed in Chicago. She is. How could she not be? How can she ever feel loved with this man not supporting her? It’s unacceptable. This was never a conventional marriage, but hearing new details makes it sound more painful.

It’s hard to get through to Erika because she’s so closed off. Getting this new insight into her life is difficult to comprehend because it’s unexpected. Getting to peek into her life and marriage seemed impossible. You can tell she’s still holding back, but hopefully that changes eventually. She owes her friends that much.

Garcelle Beauvais Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

The Kyle fish died. Let us all take a moment of silence for the loss of the world’s most ordinary fish. This is a moment in time that we must never forget. Please cherish her memory.

Garcelle Beauvais asks her kids how they would feel if she ever got married again. One son doesn’t care, but he doesn’t think it will ever happen. However, the other son wouldn’t like it at all. She wants to be sensitive about their feelings, but this isn’t going to discourage her dating life.

Garcelle doesn’t have any current plans to jump back into marriage, but it’s on the table. When the time comes, hopefully they can accept it and support their mother.

Erika learned from Garcelle that Tom’s been spotted out with an older blonde woman. Erika doesn’t know who that woman is, but it’s not the first time she’s heard this. Good for Tom I guess for still having an insatiable sex drive.

Lisa Rinna heard that her daughter Scott Disick is linked to her daughter Amelia Gray. Lisa (and Erika) thought it was just tabloid fluff, but it turns out there was substance to it. These two are ACTUALLY seeing each other. What in the hell? Is that entire family a mess? In a weird way it feels like a great match though.

Scott is 37 with three kids. That sounds like a lot for Amelia to take on. This is going to give her another label to deal with. There’s going to be so many people trashing this relationship, and she’s going to have to deal with that. Hopefully she’s in a place mentally where she’s strong enough to handle what’s coming her way.

Lisa Rinna Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Kyle Richards having a full family dinner with all of the girls which is fun to watch. However, Sophia Umansky won’t be there which has Portia Umansky sad. It’s been a hard adjustment not having her closest sister at home.

Portia’s also stressed out about having to speak Hebrew at her bat mitzvah. All of those concerns go to the wayside when Sophia shows up to surprise her little sister. Portia fully breaks down the moment she sees her. It’s so heartbreaking to watch because they can’t even hug. I couldn’t even imagine.

Kyle’s hosting a cocktail party for all of the women, so fireworks are definitely on the way. Sutton & Crystal nearly come to blows at every event they attend together. There’s no way this won’t be the same song and dance.

Seeing Dorit Kemsley with the labels constantly is getting to be old. She turns into a walking advertisement for Louis Vuitton every time she attends a party. Is she not capable of dressing like a regular human being?

Most people at Kyle’s party are appalled at the news of Amelia & Scott’s relationship. Not Erika though. She was THAT girl dating a much older man. She has no room for judgement in this scenario. However, if Amelia wants to take a gander at how it ended up, it might tip her off to leave now.

Garcelle’s oldest son was lost for quite a long time, but HIM becoming a father was the best thing ever. Becoming a husband as well. Taken on another women’s soccer team of children proved to be the thing .

Sutton Stracke Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Kathy Hilton makes a joke about Sutton being a Peeping Tom which doesn’t land with the group. Crystal says it was never a sexual thing, but she felt VIOLATED. That doesn’t have to have a sexual undertone to it. It’s f**king Kyle who keeps trying to make it into something it’s not.

Crystal reads off a list of five definitions for the word violated which clearly these women needed to hear. None of the definitions mention anything even remotely sexual. Cut the crap Kyle.

Nobody thinks Sutton violated Crystal because she didn’t mean any harm. Even if Sutton didn’t mean anything harmful or creepy, it doesn’t change how Crystal feels. Why can’t anyone accept that? They’re acting like “violated” is the world’s dirtiest word to ever use toward someone. Maybe THEY are the ones who need to let it go. They need to let go of their idiotic opinions.

Sutton warns Crystal about not wanting to get her angry. She orders Crystal to tell everyone she’s not creepy. Crystal continues to tell everyone she doesn’t want this to keep going. She doesn’t think it’s a huge issue, but EVERYONE continues to bring this up.

Dorit feels like the story has changed a few times from the first time she told it. I think Crystal’s changing her story because of how many times it gets brought up. She probably wants to shut it down so she doesn’t have to recount the trauma.

Nothing anyone says is going to stop Crystal from using the word violated. She feels how she feels, and that is that. Why isn’t she allowed to be uncomfortable about how this all went down. Everyone’s been incredibly dismissive of her feelings throughout this debacle.

Crystal isn’t as familiar with this group than the rest of them. She’s not going to feel as comfortable with someone walking in on her naked. All that needs to be said is “I’m sorry for doing anything that made you feel violated.” It’s not that difficult.


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