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Wendy Osefo Says The Eddie Osefo Cheating Rumor “Doesn’t Affect Us”

Real Housewives of Potomac viewers were shocked to hear about the cheating rumors surrounding Wendy Osefo and her husband, Eddie Osefo. Wendy’s RHOP co-star Gizelle Bryant told Ashley Darby that the streets were yelling that Eddie had a mistress and a baby on the side.

Wendy didn’t appreciate Gizelle sharing the rumor. Wendy stated, “I do think it was premeditated and I also know that certain individuals on this show have a pattern in the practice of attacking people’s families.” Wendy’s new bestie, Grand Dame Karen Huger, has her back.

Eddie responded to the allegations on Instagram. He posted a beautiful photo of Wendy and their three children. “Happy Mother’s Day to my beautiful wife @wendyosefo. It wouldn’t be your day without them; The mother of my ONLY 3 babies,” Eddie wrote in the caption.

Wendy bashed Gizelle on Twitter. She posted a video clip of Gizelle chatting about the cheating rumor with Ashley. Wendy wrote, “We all saw you @GizelleBryant bring up the false rumors in this scene. You were so PRESSED to make sure it made air, you said it AGAIN,” she stated. “Girl you r not a friend nor were you concerned.”

Of course, Gizelle believes that she is in the clear because the cheating rumors about Eddie were already on the internet. During the most recent episode of RHOP, Gizelle sparred with Wendy about how she changed her looks. After talking with Gizelle, Ashley pulled Wendy aside and brought up the Eddie rumors. That’s right–Ashley left a newborn baby at home so that she could be messy. Those bones won’t collect themselves.


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Wendy appeared on E! News Daily Pop on August 25, 2021 and discussed her marriage and the cheating rumors. “It’s funny because when we had that conversation, Eddie and I already heard about it. That’s what happens when you are in and you have a platform,” Wendy explained. “People talk about you. It doesn’t affect us.” Well, it is certainly affecting Gizelle.

She continued, “We just celebrated 10 years of marriage. It’s a lie, so we were not affected. We were just here living good with our three kids, loving on each other.” It seems like these two are a solid couple.

And trust isn’t a problem in their relationship. “I’ve known Eddie since I was 17. I can tell when he lies if he burnt the chicken in the oven,” the professor remarked. “I know when that man is lying. But we’re really friends, that’s my homie. What you saw there was me defending my best friend,” Wendy shared.

Wendy also claimed that she was body-shamed by Gizelle after getting a new butt and her breasts done. Why is Wendy’s glow up such a big deal?

She told Daily Pop, “And once you start dressing in a certain way, people are like, ‘Wait is something else going on?’ They were trying to do that just to bring up the rumors,” Wendy commented. “I breastfed all three of my kids. My boobies were down to here. Can I get a pick me up?”

Wendy is prepping to see Gizelle at the reunion. It would be mind-blowing if Nicki Minaj was the reunion host.  Wendy said, “We see [Gizelle] trying to say, ‘Oh, I was just concerned, I was just a friend,’ but then by the same token, she talks about these rumors to five other people, or five times, and never once spoke to me about it.” That is true.

She continued, “So, the proof is in the pudding, we got you on camera. It is what it is, I got some questions.”


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