Mia Thornton Regrets Criticizing Wendy Osefo’s Outfit Choices On Real Housewives Of Potomac

Professor Wendy Osefo did not come to play this season of the Real Housewives of Potomac. In fact, she came to school everyone about her ability to be a career woman and a total hottie. This week featured not-so Zen Wen exploding on Gizelle Bryant for bringing up cheating rumors and body-shaming her. Oh, and having messy ol’ Ashley Darby doing her dirty work. And while Ashley made a whole mess in the one day she spent on the cast trip, she earned her check. And managed to continue to piss off Candiace Dillard in the process, which is always entertaining.

Wendy’s tirade on Gizelle during the latest RHOP episode was EVERYTHING. She would not let the ladies use the Eddie Osefo side baby rumors to shame her for wanting to get a few tweaks to her body. And really only Karen Huger, who had a rocky start with Wendy last year, had her back. But newbie Mia Thornton is backtracking after making some questionable comments during the episode.

A fan on Twitter called out Mia for being so judgemental about Wendy’s outfit choices on RHOP. In the words of CandeeGal, the only person whose outfits need to be criticized is GIZELLE. Like, can someone buy this girl a stylist already? Anyway, Mia quote-tweeted the fan and let everyone know she regretted her actions. “I know right. Watching the playback got me like… self-talk 101. ‘Mia your past traumas were to prepare you for your future purpose — Empowerment,'” Mia’s tweet read. We love an accountable queen, even if she is a little messy.


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In the same tweet, she tagged Wendy to let her know she was full of regret. “@WendyOsefo looks good and what’s most important is she’s full and confident.” Mia also reposted a screenshot of the tweet on Instagram to set the record straight about her indefensible hate. “Full Moon Energy. I own my shortcomings,” the caption read. But considering her beef with Wendy all season, something tells me she didn’t light one of Whiskey Wendy’s candles to meditate about the shade she threw during the episode. Just a guess, though.

Fans in the comments were glad to see Mia hold herself accountable. One fan wrote, “I’m all for better energy, hats off Mia… but Wendy has issues & all that body fixing isn’t gonna fix that. BUT, not their place to figure it out.” EXACTLY. Wendy’s family business is her business. And a real friend would’ve come with compassion, not an attempt to create a storyline to get the spotlight off of Jamal Bryant and his trail of bad decisions. Mia responded to the fan, “I agree. I know I inflict pain and continue to go under the knife as a deflection of addressing the REAL issue. You are right! It’s not our place to try to fix her or cast judgment. I was wrong.”


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Another fan wrote that they “really felt bad for Wendy at that lunch table” as all viewers should. That was a straight-up attack for no reason. Mia responded, “Me too, Sis. We have to do better.” Now let’s get Gizzy on the accountability train and leave Wendy’s “happy” & “ness” ALONE.


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