Wendy Osefo Speaks Out About Being Body Shamed After Plastic Surgery

Sophomore Housewife Wendy Osefo is absolutely bringing it this season. Love her or hate her, it’s hard to deny the fireworks fly when she’s on camera. Wendy came to Real Housewives of Potomac  ready to slay this season. During her time off screen, she went in for a tweak here and there. Now, she’s ready to show off just about everywhere. Can you blame her? She looks incredible.

The other women were quick to call out Wendy’s new curves during her early season dinner party. Newbie Mia Thornton took the convo to ten when she dropped her own clitoral work at the dinner table. It was a moment. Mia came to the RHOP cast as a friend of Karen Huger’s. That fact is why people were positively floored when Mia later defended Gizelle Bryant’s character at Wendy’s dinner table. Wendy was especially quick to pick up on that slight. Same here. Not the ride-or-die I’d expect Karen to swindle into this group

As we get further and further into the season, it’s becoming very obvious that Gizelle’s target is Wendy. Maybe she’s mad that Wendy is taking up for Karen and calling out her seemingly thirsty friend? This week, we watched Gizelle and Ashley Darby discuss all the changes Wendy is making to her body and styling. Meanwhile Ashley is steeped in newborn poo and postpartum life looking cozy as hell in an oversized t-shirt. My point is, people change. Or at the very least, are dynamic.

It seems Gizelle needs to read up on some herstory. She is really pushing this insecure other woman narrative on Wendy’s behalf. Wonder where she came up with that one. The most recent ep of RHOP featured Gizelle and Ashley discussing cheating rumors centering on Wendy’s husband, Eddie Osefo. Gizelle even rationalized the claims saying that would explain why Wendy had work done. An Olympic level reach.

Rightfully, Wendy hasn’t taken kindly to the comments about her husband or her body. She’s already explained why she had work done at her literal dinner-party for the matter. Why wouldn’t that be enough? In a tweet sent out Sunday Wendy posted her own outfit next to the one of the model. It was a white body suit with sweat pants and a cropped sweatshirt on top. She was displaying some healthy side-thigh and some cleavage. *GASP*


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Wendy said, “I didn’t know there was a dress code for a girls trip with GROWN women. Anyway, my outfit is from @ZARA and I think it’s cute.” She then tweeted a four-photo-pannel of herself in low-cut dresses she had donned in season one. This time she said, “So, when I wore these outfits last year during Season 5 of #RHOP NO ONE had a problem with it or questioned me… I guess the REAL issue is that I got my boobs done, not my outfit choices. This negative narrative surrounding my appearance is BODY SHAMING at its finest. SMH” I guess upgrading from auntie to niece-ware comes with a bounty of accessory haters.

Wendy also replied in agreement to a fan who said, “They keep talking about @WendyOsefo attire this season, as if last season she hadn’t just given birth to a new baby.”

In her first season, Wendy came to us having only recently birthed her third child. We didn’t get into that storyline much, but it’s still relevant. Is it really that strange for Wendy to boost her lewk to match her new body and second season Housewife energy? I thought that was all outlined in the Housewife Handbook. Maybe Gizelle lost her copy during her trek to the “west-wing.”


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