Erika Jayne Allegedly Won $242,000 From California State Lottery And Refuses To Give Up Any Of The Money To Pay Off Tom Girardi’s $101 Million Debt

If the latest episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills proved anything, it’s that Erika Jayne is only worried about Erika Jayne. But we knew that considering she’s only been crying “poor me” from her brand new beautiful house and new Range Rover. Erika considers anyone who even QUESTIONS her involvement or knowledge about the horrible accusations of Tom Girardi embezzling money from his clients to be a traitor. AKA Sutton Stracke — the “small town” girl is the only one big enough to question Erika’s honesty to her face. And it’s clearly making the Ice Queen melt into a puddle of fraudulent tears.

Erika’s finances have been combed through by investigators and she doesn’t like it. It’s proving that the RHOBH star racked up expenses on Tom’s credit card and was directly given money from the firm to fund her personal items, allegedly, of course. She’s being sued for $25 million, but refusing to pay a cent to the orphans, widows, and other victims truly impacted by this situation. She’s a real-life Cruella de Ville but worse. Yet she’s asking for sympathy. Not buying it.


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In recent court documents obtained by The SunErika’s also allegedly been receiving about $242,000 from the State of California Lottery since 2012. And despite her allegedly receiving the payments for the past 9 years, she refuses to give a cent to the victims or to Tom’s estate to help pay off his $101 million in debt. Instead, she’s apparently using it for her own legal fees in an attempt to protect her ass(ets). The Sun reports she diverted and transferred its right to receive attorneys’ fees from a settlement agreement in the form of the ongoing stream of payments from the state lottery.

She’s also scheduled to receive $78,000 from this year until 2025 from the state lottery. Before 2021, she’s concealed that these payments even existed. In the words of Miss Sutton, something doesn’t add up. 

The documents read that, “The fact that Erika has claimed that the Lottery Pepayments is her money and refuses to release it shows her knowledge and admission as to the nature of the Debtor’s income and operations.” The debtor referring to Tom, as his estate is scrambling to find any money they can (and sell any belonging the couple once owned) in an attempt to pay off his massive millions in debt. While in the meantime we see Erika being served by butlers at Kathy Hilton’s house crying for her co-stars to stop “torturing” her. I cannot wait for her to have to face all of these updates at the reunion, and then on the witness stand. Maybe with her sidekick Lisa Rinna by her side, if investigators have it their way.


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