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Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Recap: The Dinner Party From Hell Part Two

Dorit Kemsley Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Another dinner party from hell on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. It’s a momentous occasion. That’s a lofty title to be throwing around, so it better be deserving of it. I want tears, drama, and complete chaos!

It’s a big day for the group’s top fashionista Dorit Kemsley. Typically she dabbles mostly in swimwear, but now she gets to design wedding dresses. Let’s call it like it is. These wedding dresses are gorgeous. Dorit looks incredible in all of them.

The detail in the dresses show how much Dorit excels at fashion. She might talk a lot and be annoying as hell, but her skills can’t be questioned. This is glamour at its finest.

Dorit is still somewhat questioning Erika behind her back. It would be nice if she’d be willing to own it like Garcelle Beauvais & Sutton Stracke. However, her issue with Garcelle is still lingering. I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of that back and forth.

Dorit thinks a reason she talks so much to the other women is because PK Kemsley talks to much at home. Is she actually trying to use her husband as a scapegoat to get out of this? It’s not the end of the world to admit you talk to much. Own it. Move on.

Sutton takes Kyle Richards on a tour of her new home’s current progress. Even though she’s excited for her friend, it’s going to suck for Kyle to lose that rent check. She’s probably holding her breath hoping something goes wrong. Kyle would like keep collection Sutton’s coins for quite some time.

Kyle asks Sutton how she’s feeling after the Rinna Beauty launch party. Being called “Miss Small Town” rubbed Sutton the wrong way. She realized in that moment, Erika Jayne’s not as vulnerable as she previously though. Sutton feels betrayed by Erika. All of the progress they’ve made as friends is out the window.

Sutton doesn’t think Erika knew exactly what was going down. However, she thinks the marriage ended on different terms than Erika’s claiming. She perceives Erika to be lying to the group, and she can’t get past that. If you can’t trust someone, there’s not much left to the friendship.

Sutton thinks Erika is using these new stories to help create a defense for Tom Girardi. Even Kyle continues to question Erika on some level. Lisa Rinna’s the only one in the group who has completely had Erika’s back without question. Everyone else has had at least one major moment where they question Erika’s tales.

Crystal Kung Minkoff Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Crystal Kung Minkoff’s hosting some of the ladies for lunch, and it looks so yummy. I’m in complete horror after learning about Crystal eating guinea pig on the side of the road in Peru. Poor Patches never saw it coming. One day it’s running on its wheel and the next it’s being consumed on a Peruvian roadway. DAMN.

Kathy Hilton’s going out of her way for her upcoming dinner party for the group. This is supposed to be one of the most iconic dinner parties in Beverly Hills history. Who would’ve thought Kathy would be the one hosting such a special moment in history? She’s an instant icon.

Garcelle prefers having lunch with the smaller group instead of everyone. She’s still not feeling great about her fight with Dorit at the Rinna Beauty party. What is everyone supposed to do? Dorit does talk too much. That’s not hyperbole. It’s a stone cold fact.

Erika’s still pissed off at Sutton for kicking her while she’s already down. It feels judgmental to her because Sutton’s seemingly more worried about her reputation. This is coming as quite the shock to Erika. The Sutton she knew always had her back and was warm and kind to her. That’s not the reception she’s getting these days.

Kathy doesn’t think what Sutton has to say is all that important. Nobody cares in her opinion. Erika believes if the LEGEND Kathy HILTON doesn’t have a reputation issue right now, Sutton shouldn’t either.

Crystal & Erika both claim they’ve never heard of Sutton in their rich social circles. They don’t think she’s as important as she thinks she is. Garcelle is close with Sutton, and she very much disagrees with this. She says before this group, she never heard of Crystal.

It’s weird everyone’s openly having this conversation in front of Garcelle though. She’s been close with Sutton for a while and will obviously relay everything to her. Is that what they want to happen? Are they setting up a new conflict for Kathy’s dinner party?

Kyle Richards Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Kyle & Mauricio Umansky have such a beautiful marriage. They’ve both had a massive glow up over the last 11 seasons. Every season they look younger and better than they did the year prior.

They’ve been able to withstand the test of time and break the curse of reality TV. Their marriage isn’t doomed just because they’re on a reality show. A lot of the women that have come and gone on this show cannot say the same.

Mauricio really went out of his way to make this 25th Anniversary a special occasion for he and Kyle. You have to love them having a conversation about Erika & Tom at their anniversary dinner. Who wants to talk about a failed marriage while celebrating their own? It’s weird shit because it puts a damper on everything.

Sutton warns Garcelle they need to stand up for themselves at this dinner. No more letting Dorit & Erika walk all over them. In her gut, Sutton truly believes something is NOT right with the stories Erika’s spinning.

Why is Dorit’s hair in the shape of a fucking spider? No honey. This isn’t a look you should repeat again because it’s SO DAMN BAD. However, let’s just let her do her thing.

Everyone’s so jealous of how rich Kathy is. Her staff is larger than the armies of certain nations. She is next level rich, and they all want to be like her.

Sutton is seated next to Erika and wants to take the opportunity to chat with her. Erika wants to know what Sutton’s end game is with her. She doesn’t want to hear Sutton out. She has no desire to speak with her because she doesn’t have the capacity to listen. Erika tells Sutton her opinion of her does not matter. Well damn!

Sutton Stracke Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Sutton calls out everyone else at the table for not owning their comments about Erika. Forget that for a second because everyone is eating caviar pie with VODKA. What a bizarre combination!

Kathy wants a nice dinner and cuts off Dorit while she’s trying to attack Garcelle. We know Dorit was going to go on and on until the end of time. Thank you Kathy for shutting that shit down before it gets out of hand. Nobody wants to hear her go off all night.

Sutton wants Erika to stop speaking negatively toward her, but Erika’s not having it. She wants Sutton to stop speaking about her life. This is escalating so quickly that poor Kathy wishes she never cut off Dorit.

Sutton’s proud of her life and what she built for herself. She does NOT want Erika to ruin things. Erika doesn’t understand why some of the women would be nervous having their names associated with this. They want reassurance they won’t be dragged into this.

Erika says a day will come where she will remember who had her back throughout this time. Erika is trying to remain strong in the face of the mounting pressure, but she’s starting to crack. Tears are forming because it’s all becoming too much.

Garcelle wants Erika to know she’s not trying to hurt her. Erika doesn’t want to be comforted or touched or anything by these women. Dorit finally somewhat owns up to her fears about being attached to this. However, Erika continues to feel like the women in the group are torturing her.

Erika thinks she’s attacked at every group event she comes to, and she’s right. Kyle throws Sutton under the bus to Erika about being dishonest toward Erika. Why is Sutton being offered up as the sacrificial lamb? Everyone else needs to OWN IT.

Sutton has said quite a bit to Erika’s face, so what’s the problem? Sutton does however try to get out of this, and Kyle freaks out. Kyle wants Sutton to own everything. She was the one who called the meeting. Sutton’s voice is more silent than it was before. Everybody had something to say though. EVERYONE should be owning it.

Sutton doesn’t believe everything coming from Erika. One lie was enough to unravel their entire friendship. Erika warns that she has a lot of fucking nerve and to shut the fuck up. We have to wait until next week to see the fallout from that intense back and forth.


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