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Legal Expert Accuses Erika Jayne Of “Playing Musical Chairs With Money” To Protect Herself From Tom Girardi Embezzlement Accusations

Sigh. That’s all I can do anymore when I read news about Erika Jayne and Tom Girardi’s shady divorce and embezzlement accusations. The entire thing makes me queasy. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star is either telling the truth or the best actress of all time. And based on some very damning court records, I’m leaning more and more toward the latter. Like she said herself, it’s so XXPen$ive to be Erika Jayne that you can’t do it legally. Well, allegedly (don’t need her trying to fund her skincare routine with a lawsuit).

Erika has staunchly denied that she knew anything about Tom embezzling millions from his clients, many of whom are victims of horrific accidents, to put right in her (business) bank account. And to back up the acting idea, she’s really acting like this entire saga is a role where she’s the main villain, cold as cryotherapy. But the FBI is watching. And no matter how many times she screams scapegoat, she’s still being investigated. Turns out even if you plan to file a sham divorce from your 81-year-old husband on Election Day to hide the evidence, the feds will still notice. Especially when years of embezzlement accusations are at stake.

Everyone has an opinion on the Erika/Tom saga. Some believe she’s innocent, a victim of a cold, dead marriage without communication but a whole lot of mysterious cash. Many, on the other hand, are appalled to see EJ strut around dripping in designer clothes at the hand of orphans and widows, in the words of “English Girl” Dorit Kemsley. And that her RHOBH co-stars let her get away with it — giving her a pass that Denise Richards never even got and sparring Erika of the usual gang-up treatment. And Denise was being accused of hooking up with Brandi Glanville. Not for being a potential accomplice in a FEDERAL FRAUD INVESTIGATION.

Us Weekly recently interviewed lawyer Goldie Schon, who isn’t directly involved with Erika’s case, to give a legal perspective of the whole thing. Particularly because Erika was recently ordered to turn over her financial records to investigators before July 21.

The lawyer explained explained how Erika has been “playing musical chairs with her money” to avoid detection, but it’s not a foolproof plan. “People open other companies or they do something to create a hurdle to avoid detecting where the money went,” she said. “It never works with the federal government. They’re going to figure it out in the end. It’s all traceable. So they’re either going to get the money back or they’re going to file a judgment against her for how much money she took.” In the words of Real Housewives of New Jersey ghost Teresa Aprea, clink clink.


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Here’s another part where I mention these are all allegations. Erika hasn’t been charged with anything and is still in the midst of trying to divorce Tom. Tom, however, can’t practice law in the state of California and is facing a mountain of lawsuits. OK glad to make that clear.

The attorney continued to say that Erika is likely “concerned” about investigators exposing where the money came from. “She doesn’t want to help them make her be guilty,” she said. “The longer she delays, the worse it’s going to get.” Sounds like Mikey Minden needs to work overtime (pro-bono, of course) to stuff as many Erika Jayne outfits as possible into his own closet. Or at the very least, help her get her financial records in order for the feds.


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