Erika Jayne Likes Tweets Comparing Her Situation To Jen Shah’s Husband Sharrieff Shah

It’s the Fall Equinox and tis the season for charges of fraud and embezzlement to be played out on our favorite Bravo Real Housewives shows.  Those supposedly involved, the fallout, and the protests of innocence.  What was caught on camera is just scratching the surface of the drama, and there is near daily news about Erika Jayne and Jen Shah’s shenanigans on social media.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Erika likes to “troll haters” by flaunting designer goods as well as her body without any thought of the optics such a display would stir up.  Yes, she is being investigated in tandem with ex-husband Tom Girardi’s alleged embezzlement, but look!  Louboutins!

Jen is receiving backlash for outing Real Housewives of Salt Lake City cast mate Meredith Marks’ son Brooks Marks.  She mocked bestie Heather Gay’s weight and called her racist.  Most recently, Instagram Dm’s from Jen’s account have surfaced which expose her for joking about an employee’s sexuality with another person.

So neither of these Real Housewives are scoring points with fans on social media.  They both are being investigated for alleged misappropriation of funds, though the details of their cases differ.  Erika and Jen proclaim their innocence.  But that’s where the comparison ends between the two, though Erika is now drawing parallels between herself and Jen’s husband Sharrieff Shah.  It’s a stretch for sure.  A big one.


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Radar Online confirmed that Erika added to her questionable social media antics portfolio by liking a tweet comparing her situation to Coach’s.  Twitter handler “baddie” posted a tweet that read, “I don’t see Ronald Richards or any of you haters harass Coach Shah even tho he’s literally in the same situation as Erika.”

Ronald Richards is the attorney investigating the Girardi Keese bankruptcy case.  He is also investigating the $25 million that was allegedly used to fund Erika’s lavish lifestyle.  The ultimate question being whether Erika knew that the money was allegedly siphoned from crash victims.

Erika claimed that she did not.  She had half a season on RHOBH to deny deny deny.  But what about Sharrieff?  He has not made a public statement since Jen’s arrest in March.  Jen claims their marriage is stronger than ever, but what does Coach really think?  Did he know about his wife’s alleged telemarketing scam?  Did he benefit in any way?

Perhaps some of these questions will be answered in RHOSLC Season 2.  Viewers are anticipating THE ARREST, but not much has been said about the fallout between Jen and Coach.  Legally speaking, Sharrieff was not involved.  According to Radar Online, he has not been named in any court document, nor did he have any hand in her business dealings.  He also doesn’t flaunt obscene amounts of money on social media.

Try again, Erika.


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