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Ashley Wahler Is Interested In Appearing On Real Housewives Of Orange County

The Hills: New Beginnings features a close-knit group of LA friends interacting in the same way that they had 15 years ago when The Hills premiered in  2006.  Original cast members like Spencer Pratt, Heidi Pratt, Brody Jenner, Audrina Patridge, Justin “Bobby” Brescia, Frankie Delgado, and Jason Wahler are still friends and now brought their significant others onscreen.

Now in their 30’s, the group have new issues to tackle like kids and careers.  But there are familiar themes too like Brody’s lack of maturity, Justin’s journey to find himself, and Spencer’s issues with sister Stephanie Pratt.

Season Two recently wrapped and fans are wondering if the cast will be back for a third.  Jason’s wife Ashley Wahler sat for an interview with Entertainment Tonight to speculate what the future may hold for the show.

Ashley revealed that MTV has yet to confirm a third season of the show.  She told E! News, “I’m gonna be 100 percent honest with you.  I have no idea.  I wish that I did because I really feel like a third season would be great for us. A lot of us have so much going on right now in our lives. Kaitlynn Carter is about to have her baby any day. I was just with Audrina Patridge last weekend. Jen Delgado and I talk all the time.”

A third season could document the baby boom that’s happened within the group.  Brody’s ex-wife Kaitlynn is due soon, and Ashley and Jason welcomed a second child in June 2021.  Heidi was hoping to get pregnant as part of her story line this past season as well.  Ashley continued, “we’ve become such a tight knit group that it would be sad to not document what’s really happening now.”

Despite some of the frivolity, The Hills: New Beginnings cast deal with heavy issues like grief and sobriety.  The Wahler’s have had a heavier time of it with Jason’s ongoing battle with addiction and Ashley’s heartbreaking miscarriage in 2020.

She credited the show as a healthy outlet.  “I really want to use my platform for good and positive and so I feel really blessed and fortunate to be able to share hope from addiction towards others, as well as losing a baby,” Ashley said, “I had so many people reach out to me and I just didn’t realize how many people were struggling out there with getting pregnant and everything else so it’s utilized my vulnerability to create an opportunity for people to connect and feel like they can relate.”

Regardless of her future on The Hills, Ashley isn’t done with reality TV and is even making a pitch to join the ladies over at the Real Housewives of Orange County.  And why not?  Ashley has been behind the scenes on RHOC already as hairstylist to Emily Simpson and Shannon Beador’s daughter.

Ashley also has personal relationships with some of RHOC alums.  “I love Emily and Lydia McLaughlin and Gretchen Rossi. Lydia threw my baby shower,” Ashley revealed, “don’t get me wrong. I’ve asked [Evolution Media’s] Alex Baskin a few times if I could make a crossover onto the Housewives because I would love to be on the OC Housewives, bring some youth and some drama into that cast.”


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Arguably, RHOC does need a younger cast after the dismantling of the Tres Amigas.  Ashley thinks the show needs a new dynamic.  She said, “I think it would be really cool to just be able to hang with all the girls and then the girls have their storyline, they kind of rock it, they have fun. That’s really what I’d like to see in season three [of The Hills]. All of us are new moms so we all need to have like a mom’s trip…All the guys can stay at home watching the kids.”

Ashley’s side hustle is a hair accessories line called The Gold Collection, which launched on September 28th.  She is also active in her community, her passion being coastal cleanup.  Ashley volunteered recently at the Shiseido Blue Project Beach Cleanup with World Surf League Pure and Wildcoast at the U.S Open of Surfing in Huntington Beach, California.

Ashley said of the event, “It’s really important that we educate everybody and we teach people about how important our oceans are.  The ocean is very near and dear to our hearts so this is like the perfect project for us to be involved in and what better than to raise awareness with Shiseido?”


[Photo Credit: MTV]