Tom Girardi’s Alleged Victims’ Lawyers Got Permission To Come For Erika Jayne’s Assets

Erika Jayne may have divorced Tom Girardi, but that won’t save her from his creditors.  Their separation has been speculated as being a “sham,” done simply as a means for her to avoid liability for his alleged embezzlement.  However, Erika will still be held accountable for the $25 million that was supposedly funneled to her her business from the Girardi Keese Law Firm.

The widows and orphans of a tragic plane crash have been waiting on their payout.  Where did the money go?  Did Tom use it to fund Erika’s lavish lifestyle?  Or what is moved into one of many recently discovered bank accounts?

The exact details are still under investigation, but those previously represented by Tom don’t want to wait anymore.  Rather than wait for the intricate process of unraveling Tom’s money trail, the lawyer representing these victims is asking for permission to go after Erika’s assets.  The plane crash victims are owed $2 million in total, while one fire burn victim is waiting for an $11 million dollar settlement.

According to an article from Radar Online, class-action firm Edelson PC brought a federal suit against Tom for allegedly misappropriating the money meant for these vulnerable groups.  Erika is named as defendant in this lawsuit, and since Tom’s Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing prevents Edelson from going after him, Erika is now the target.


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They are hoping to file suit against Erika to collect the money, once the court signs off on it.  The newly filed document reads, “Edelson does not seek to obtain assets that ever belonged to estate. Instead, it seeks its own, traceable assets that were embezzled by Tom and potentially given to Erika. The automatic stay provides no protection to a third party in this circumstance.”

While the judge has yet to sign off on this motion, he had allowed the burn victim to pursue money owed by going after Erika in a previous decision.
Meanwhile, Erika is in a legal battle of her own.  She wants to remove the lawyer responsible for investigating Tom’s money trail into her business account.  Essentially, the trustee unraveling the financial tangle of the Girardi Keese Law Firm.
Ronald Richards has become a thorn in Erika’s side, and she has posted vulgar comments on social media, calling him a “clown-ass lawyer.”  Erika has accused Ronald of harassment, and wants him off the case.  However, the judge had denied her request.  She is currently appealing the decision.
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