Kyle Richards Says She And Erika Jayne Are On Good Terms After Kyle Questioned Erika’s Knowledge Of Tom Girardi’s Alleged Crimes

Just because you say it, doesn’t make it true. << Me (and maybe all of us?) reading/hearing about/watching the teasers for the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills four part reunion. I mean sure, four parts sounds nice, but that’s 3-4 hours of content, ads removed. Housewife and the Hustler was only one hour and I, for one, was completely enraptured throughout. I just have a hard time imagining that same energy oozing from anything Andy Cohen is facilitating for a month straight. I’m sorrrry, okay?! I am calling it a ratings grab to make up for Real Housewives of New York until further notice.

Pretty much anyone who’s done an interview since the reunion filming has souped up the intrigue.  Crystal King Minkhoff shared that the filming took at least 10 hours. She also teased “a lot of explosive moments.” I wonder what those will be. We know Andy calls out Erika Jayne’s income from the show. Clips also show him asking her whether she’s confronted Tom Girardi if he’s guilty. Personally, I want to see her lash out at his co-stars and not her executive producer. Call me old fashioned, but these women have been avoiding these very obvious questions for a season straight!

Throughout the season we have watched Kyle Richards do what she does and sit on a fence during any and all heated moments. In her confessional or outside the gaze of EJ, however, she’s expressed a metric ton of doubt regarding the allegations against Erika and Tom. At the very least, Kyles talking about it behind Erika’s back. We know how deluded the P(r)etty Mess can be about that. Bring on the confrontation! Kyle is DUE.


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In an interview with Entertainment Tonight Kyle has shared, “Andy went in hard” at the reunion taping. Well someone had to! Kyle also teased, “[Erika] addressed all of it.” We’ll see.

“A lot of questions were answered during the reunion, for sure, because it was really confusing for all of us, obviously. Everything was unfolding in real time while we were shooting,” Kyle tried to explain. I’m still wondering why her confusion seemed to subside in those confessionals, though. And it seems Erika might have the same quandary.

Kyle added, “I knew that [Erika] was upset with me because I had questions. It was confusing. Some of the things that were said and seen upset her, so we dealt with that at the reunion. But we’re OK now.” They’re okay already!!?

Alrighty then! It seems like the Kyle and Erika drama we’ve been waiting for both rises and falls to happy ending during the reunion. Snooze!


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[Photo Credit: Nicole Weingart/Bravo]