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Southern Charm Star Kathryn Dennis Hopes Madison LeCroy’s Engagement Leads To More Engagements In Southern Charm Cast

Madison LeCroy and Kathryn Dennis are two of the messiest ladies on Southern Charm these days. While Kathryn started off the show feuding with Whitney Sudler-Smith and showing the ins and outs of her trainwreck of a relationship with Thomas Ravenel, Madison took the baton and ran with it. Her relationship with Austen Kroll took its toll on errybody. Austen wasn’t her Budweiser, but he’s apparently a hot commodity on Winter House, so he’s doing just fine. After the Madison and Alex Rodriguez rumors of it all, she settled down with a new guy who (for once) isn’t into the spotlight. And while she’s indirectly responsible for the Bennifer reunion, she found her own version of a fairytale romance.

Madison recently announced that she and her mysterious man Brett Randle got engaged. Even though she loves to taunt Austen, she hopes that her Southern Charm ex will be happy she has a rock on her finger nowadays. That’s up for debate, I don’t have that much faith in Austen. But now Kathryn has chimed in to celebrate the engagement. And seemingly tease that she wants her boyfriend Chleb Ravenell to pop the question sometime soon.


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Kathryn told Us Weekly that she’s excited for Madison, who “broke the ice for weddings in our friend group.” Let’s remember Madison was the only one with balls to question Kathryn to her face about the timing of her relationship with Chleb, but they’re seemingly past that now. “I’m very happy for her and her family and can’t wait to see who is next,” Kathryn said. Sounds like she wants it to be her. But to be fair, after everything that went down with Thomas, Kathryn needs a solid and stable relationship in her life.

Even though Madison has a clear infatuation with being a C-list celebrity, her boyfriend does not. He didn’t pop the question in front of Southern Charm cameras, as he seems to have no interest in getting a spot on the show (AKA taking a page out of Madison’s book). So it doesn’t look like Madison will be getting her own Bravo wedding either, which may be a bummer for her. But Kathryn may have secured herself a spot on the invite list after her nice statement. Well, let’s wait to see what Season 8 has in store before making any conclusions.


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