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Bethenny Frankel Denies Setting Up Photo Of Tom D’Agostino Cheating On Luann de Lesseps Despite Carole Radziwill & Ramona Singer’s Claims That She Did

Bethenny Frankel made it clear that she has no plans to return to Real Housewives of New York. Yet she still speaks out about RHONY, and other franchises. Bethenny recently knocked the new Housewives tell-all book Not All Diamonds and Rose: The Inside Story of The Real Housewives From the People Who Lived It by Dave Quinn.

Bethenny tweeted, “I think we need more stories about women trashing women. Or… we can publish a book about it? Is that a good idea? #2021 PS. I’ve had my regrettable moments but capitalizing on our weaknesses? That’s ‘rich’. Literally #WomenSupportingWomen lol,” she added. Pot, meet kettle.

Then Bethenny speculated about how much money Andy Cohen might be getting from the book. “No clue. I vaguely remember being approached about it & taking a hard left… but I don’t know,” Bethenny wrote. “It just keeps coming up. Yay for them but every day from me to Carole [Radziwill] to Kelly [Bensimon] to Teresa [Giudice] to Danielle [Staub] to Heather [Thomson] to Sonja [Morgan] etc. Nobody gets out without paying the bill…”

Well, it appears that RHONY alum Carole and Ramona Singer accused Bethenny of setting up a photo moment that had a major impact on Luann de Lesseps’ life. As you may recall, Luann was engaged to Tom D’Agostino when Bethenny reportedly received a photo of Tom playing tonsil hockey with another woman. Bethenny told Luann, who was devastated.


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Luann brushed off the incident and tied the knot with Tom in Miami on New Year’s Eve 2016. Cheating rumors dogged the couple, and finally they decided to split after seven months of marriage.

In August of 2017, Luann broke the news via Twitter, shocking absolutely no one. But Luann called Bethenny “disgusting,” a “media whore” and “self-serving” for the way that she handled the cheating rumor. Luann would have preferred that Bethenny confront her off camera.

According to Carole, Bethenny’s former bestie, the incriminating photo was “a total setup.” Carole said in the book, “Bethenny knew this woman and found out that she was in contact with Tom.” Bethenny allegedly asked the woman to let her know the next time she was socializing with Tom. The woman did, and Bethenny had someone camera-ready to document the moment.

Carole added, “She certainly didn’t just happen to have a friend at the Regency at ten o’clock on a Tuesday night when Tom just happened to be there kissing some chick he used to bang.” I always enjoyed Carole on RHONY.


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While Carole had no receipt binder, she has Ramona, who is vouching for Carole’s version of events. “She knew what was going on and sent someone to photograph that. For me, there are certain lines you don’t cross,” Ramona stated.

According to Page Six, Bethenny addresses Carole’s tall tale on the latest episode of her podcast, Just B with Bethenny Frankel. Page Six was given a sneak peek of the episode that drops on October 28, 2021. Buckle up!

“Two very credible ‘Housewives,’ just upstanding credible ‘Housewives’ — one of who is fired and one of who is about to be fired — say that I set up a photo of Tom cheating on Luann,” Bethenny remarked. Shout out to Carole and Ramona!

“How could I set up a photo? Am I in a movie I’m casting?” she commented. “Like, ‘Hey Tom D’Agostino, I’d like to cast you in the role as cheater at the Regency Hotel’?”


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In addition, Bethenny said that she “never” travels to Uptown Manhattan, which is where the Regency Hotel is located. The Skinnygirl mogul continued, “So in this case, I’m a casting director that called Tom D’Agostino — who I don’t f–king know — to say, ‘Listen, I know it sounds weird, I just want you to be in a bar and make out with somebody, because I have a photographer who’s going to be standing by to take a picture,'” Bethenny stated. “‘Then I’m going to give it to everyone on the show.’”

Bethenny also explained the events during that fateful RHONY trip to Miami. Bethenny said that a friend of hers from the Hamptons contacted her and said, “’Holy s–t, Tom is here [at the Regency].’”

Bethenny explained, “It was the night before [Tom D’Agostino] and [Luann de Lesseps’] engagement party in Florida. [My friend] said, ‘Tom’s here with a woman,’ and she took a picture and sent it to me.’”

Then Bethenny sent the photo to Carole. “I sent it to Carole that night like, ‘Oh my God, look at this picture,’” Bethenny commented. She went to Miami, and that is when she showed the proof to Luann.

Bethenny added, “That’s what really happened in the land of non lala psycho delusional PCP acid trip delusions.”


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