Bethenny Frankel Slams Real Housewives Tell-All Book For “Women Trashing Women”

Because, of COURSE she does. If an ex-Housewife who quit to move on to bigger and better things that ultimately failed didn’t continue to talk about the franchise she was once on, was she REALLY on a show at all? Yep. And no one proves this theory better than on-again, off-again Real Housewives of New York star, Bethenny Frankel.

Beth has some opinions on the newly released Housewives book, Not All Diamonds and Rosé and naturally she wants to share them with you. While the content of this publication basically speaks for itself, Bethenny is speaking on how, WAIT FOR IT, the book is about women trashing women. With that, the entire RHONY cast has entered the chat.

In a recent series of tweets, Bethenny appears to be condemning Dave Quinn’s future Pulitzer Prize winning effort on the basis that she is sick and tired of women trashing women. No word on whether or not she is suffering from pretend amnesia, a medical phenomena that has impacted other members of the Housewives universe.

Bethenny wrote on Twitter, “I think we need more stories about women trashing women. Or… we can publish a book about it? Is that a good idea? #2021 PS. I’ve had my regrettable moments but capitalizing on our weaknesses? That’s ‘rich’. Literally #WomenSupportingWomen lol” Ma’am, where is your memory medicine? The show she was on for multiple years wasn’t exactly an exercise in touting positive female relationships. I am personally still struggling with the verbal lashing poor non-vagina smoking Sonja Morgan received from Bethenny back in the Tipsy Girl days. Fortunately, it appears I am not alone.


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Some commenters did check Bethenny’s remark but others wanted to know how much dough-rey-mi Andy Cohen was getting from the action. Speculating on Andy’s cut of the profits, Bethenny said, “No clue. I vaguely remember being approached about it & taking a hard left… but I don’t know. It just keeps coming up. Yay for them but every day from me to Carole [Radziwill] to Kelly [Bensimon] to Teresa [Giudice] to Danielle [Staub] to Heather [Thomson] to Sonja etc. Nobody gets out without paying the bill…” Pardon me, but all of the above signed up for the honor and privilege of having cameras follow them and document their lives.

One of Beth’s followers then suggested she get a life. She may or may not have confirmed not having a life by replying, “By definition, this would mean that you don’t have one… so I can beg you back & we can go in circles… ur choice… remember I don’t have a life so I can just do this forever.” A commenter said they wished Bethenny had participated in the book and given her own version of events. Bethenny replied that perhaps it would be best to move forward discussing this topic exclusively on her podcast… “I think I have to discuss on @justbpodcast. There may be 140 characters to discuss but I can’t discuss them in 140 characters.” Well I am shocked, said no one.


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While Bethenny might have left RHONY and lost her HBO gig, it’s clear she still understands the assignment and embraces the core quality all current and former Housewives share. The art of self-promotion.


[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]