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Joe Giudice Claims Joe Gorga Stole Money From His And Teresa Giudice’s Parents

Even though Joe Giudice hasn’t appeared (aside from on Teresa Giudice’s phone screen) on the Real Housewives of New Jersey since going to jail and getting deported, he stays central to the drama. Tre and Juicy might have called it quits after their stints “at camp,” but Joe is being more faithful to his ex than he ever was during their marriage. Particularly, Joe has taken any chance he could get to bash Joe Gorga and Melissa Gorga in the press, so it’s messy as ever.

The fight came to a head during last week’s episode when Melissa and Joe called out Tre for always taking her ex’s side. Joey G. says he puts the blame on Joe Giudice for his mother’s early death. In case you forgot, their mother, Antonia Gorga, died on March 4, 2017. And then in April 2020 “Nonno” Giacinto Gorga passed away.  Joe and Teresa have both said that’s far from the truth, which is a bit of a surprise, considering we know that Teresa did blame her ex for making her miss out on precious time with her parents.

Everyone in the situation has taken the loss of Nonna and Nonna hard. Juicy said Joe’s comments blaming him for his mom’s death “put him over the edge” and Tre said she was in a deep depression after their passing. And after the blowup on last week’s RHONJ, Joe Giudice isn’t holding back from giving his side of the story. Spoiler alert: It’s pretty damning for the Gorgas.

Joe and Melissa never defended Teresa or stuck up for her,” Joe told Celebuzz. “They put her situations down and husband down in front of the world. Teresa made family first priority. Joe Gorga made money [a] priority.”  That’s ironic because Melissa just recently blasted Juicy for using. her name as clickbait to make money on his own. 


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He went on to say that they “trashed” him to “get to the top,” whatever that means. No one thinks Melissa is “the top” of RHONJthat’s always been Tre. He went on to say they “don’t walk about how he stole from his father, sister, employees and business. Her brother always came between us and the parents. Melissa marched in and took over always causing friction to be a star,” Juicy continued. The Gorgas like to say the same thing about Tre, so this is really going back to the old-school family feud days. 

He went on to say that he “never hurt” their mother. “Teresa and I took her to doctors and hospitals, not Joe or Melissa,” Joe said. “We cared for her. He didn’t know what was going on until the end, and let me not get started on Melissa. She never asked if the girls or parents needed anything so yeah buddy, if the shoe fits.” He added that Melissa would only go to the hospital when cameras were rolling. This whole family back and forth thing was icky when the Gorga parents were alive, but it even feels worse now that they’ve passed and both sides are still slinging mud.


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He went on to say that the “only person that hurt Teresa and Joe’s dad was Joe Gorga.” Juicy claims that Joe “took money from his dad” that resulted in his parents losing their home and needing to rent a place. “The parents lost everything because of Joe Gorga,” he said. “Teresa and me had to care for them throughout our marriage to help them — that is why we were close. She cared for her parents, but Joe never helped.” Joe Gorga has been accused of some shady financial deals in the past, by Tre’s real estate agent Michelle Pais in fact, but this is just gross. It’s so he-said, she-said and everyone in the situation should probably just stop saying anything to the press about it.

Joe went on to say he’s proud of Teresa for reclaiming her life on her own terms. “She learned she shouldn’t allow her brother to interfere with her relationship and to be happy.”


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Then, Joe Giudice claims that Joe Gorga “isn’t allowed in Home Depot’s” and his “fake scenes don’t work.” First of all, I’m cackling at him throwing Home Depot in his ex-brother-in-law’s face. And, Juicy needs to find a new comeback rather than slamming the Gorga’s fake storylines. That’s old news, especially if your name is Jennifer Aydin. 

While it’s unclear how true Joe’s claims are, we know he is on great terms with his ex and her new boo Luis Ruelas. Which is good, considering Tre thinks her parents sent her “soulmate” to her. However, we know the buddy-buddy relationship between the two ex-spouses makes Melissa want to throw a cheese plate. Literally.


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