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Real Housewives Of New Jersey Star Joe Gorga Blames Joe Giudice For “Ruining Family”; Says He Mistreats Teresa Giudice Off-Camera

When it comes to the Real Housewives of New Jersey, it really has always been the Teresa Giudice show. The Gorgas and the Giudices are what makes Jersey so great, particularly the tumultuous dynamic between Tre, Joey Gorga and Melissa Gorga. Joe is the unofficial seventh housewife, and some (Jennifer Aydin) argue more deserving of a starring role than his wife. He protects and defends his family. He’s learning how to let his wife be more independent. He is always turning the party up, whether it be a boy’s night or an alcohol-fueled pool party.  And he’s honestly better at throwing shade in confessionals than some of the ladies.

And he even has his own decades-long feud with Joe Giudice fueled by a rocky past and a whole lot of testosterone. Juicy’s thrown some really low blows at Joey outside of calling his wife a raccoon-face and using her for clickbait. He went as far as to accuse him of stealing money from his parents. And Joe has blamed the death of his parents on Juicy, which hit their former son-in-law deep. These two were never meant to get along. And now that Tre has a new man, they really don’t have to.

Joe Gorga appeared on Watch What Happens Live after this week’s RHONJ episode alongside the other HouseHusbands of New Jersey. AKA, it was like the Super Bowl for Jersey fans. One fan asked him why he got so mad at Teresa defending her ex and what he thinks of Juicy’s recent comments about the Gorgas. “I don’t listen to his comments. With his comments, he’s in La La Land. Nothing bothers me, it just shows the type of man he is,” Joe Gorga said. While he claims it might not bother him, there’s no doubt some of his Instagram selfies accompanied with quotes are aimed at Juicy. I’d bet money on it.

Tarzan continued to answer the portion about his sister, commenting on the “nasty things” Juicy says to his ex. “As a brother, she confides in me. I get very upset, so I get so mad when she kind of defends him because he just treats her very bad off-camera, in life. And he put her in person. And her ruined our entire family, so I’m just not happy,” Joe said. Those are definitely some fighting words that will lead to a swipe-up drama post on Juicy’s Insta at some point.


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You can’t really blame Joey for having such bad blood with his Tre’s ex. He’s been accused of cheating, talking down to her and literally is responsible for putting her in jail. He got deported away from his four dorters, leaving Tre and Joey to pick up the pieces.

Why would Joey like him? It’s odd enough that Juicy and Tre have such a friendly and positive relationship post-divorce. At least they’re not letting it lead to a Christening 2.0. And Tre and MelGo have finally found some harmony in their relationship with one another. Well, I might be speaking too soon as we’re coming up on what’s sure to be an explosive reunion.


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