Shannon Beador Slams Fans Suggesting Her Teenage Daughters Got Plastic Surgery

It’s almost time for Real Housewives of Orange County to return to our screens, and they have some major expectations to meet after the trainwreck that was Season 15. Thankfully, we no longer have to tolerate Kelly Dodd or Braunwyn Windham-Burke’s over-the-top antics and horrific behavior. Heather Dubrow is making a triumphant return that I am EAGERLY awaiting. And there’s a good crowd of newbies thrown into the mix. But one storm refuses to stop raging through the OC — Shannon (Storms) Beador.

Shannon has been a staple on the show for years. She’s gone through “the affair” with David Beador that put her on a wild ride both on and off the show. Her friendships, particularly with the Tres Amigas Tamra Judge and Vicki Gunvalson, have gone completely off the rails. Also, in recent years particularly, she’s been in and out of the courtroom for various reasons, adding to the drama.

One of those cases saw David attempt to prevent their three daughters, who have appeared on TV since Shannon got an orange in her hand, from filming Season 16. Their oldest Sophie is 20, so she didn’t need permission. But the 17-year-old twins Adeline and Stella almost couldn’t appear.

Shannon clearly fought tooth and nail to get the girls on screen despite David’s attempt. She needs a storyline, after all, and has always seemed to want the show to make her daughters stars in their own right. Whether or not that’s succeeding is up for debate. But also, the girls are a major part of her life, so omitting them probably would’ve jeopardized her spot on the show. So luckily for Shannon, her own Tres Amigas will be back for Sweet Season Sixteen.


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But according to Peoplenot every viewer is excited about it. Shannon shared some sweet behind-the-scenes shots of her three daughters filming confessionals for the show. They look like gorgeous little mini-Shannons. I will always support a single mom bonding with her girls on the show, very similarly to Gizelle Bryant on Real Housewives of Potomac. But fans in the comments weren’t all kind.

One fan commented that the girls “look like they’ve had work done.” Shannon is known for not holding back, especially in matters that affect her kids, so she clapped back. “Wow! My daughters are teens and for you to say such a thing is ridiculous. Keep your unkind and false comments to yourself,” Shannon wrote. Yeah, get em Shanny. Especially after she was open about her botched work last year. I totally agree with fans slamming Shannon for promoting the nonsense that is Kelly Dodd. But kids are off-limits when it comes to below-the-belt comments. Always. Keep it classy on Instagram, people. No matter your feelings about wacky ol’ Shannon.


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]