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Shannon Beador Drops Lawsuit Against Facebook

Real Housewives of Orange County has barely started filming for the upcoming new season, and all ready the drama rumors are flying. And why wouldn’t they be? Kelly Dodd, Braunwyn Windham-Burke, and Elizabeth Lyn Vargas are out, and we can collectively exhale. Miss Fancy Pants, Heather Dubrow, and her ever flowing glasses of champs are back. Even Tamra Judge has been hinting at a return, or not. The only person possibly not happy about all these changes is Shannon Beador. In fact, I bet she’s got visits to Dr. Moon scheduled on the regular.

With the release of Vicki Gunvalson and Tammy Sue from their contracts, we saw the fast demise of the Tres Amigas. The former table dancing trio was quick to turn on one another, faster than Megan King Edmonds Owens changes her name, once their slapstick shenanigan’s were no longer being filmed. Shannon threw the first punch, but Tamra and Vicki have had no problem throwing jabs of their own. These three will not be whooping it up and throwing back tequila at Andales anytime soon.

Let’s also not forget that Shannon has been embroiled in a seemingly revolving door of lawsuits recently. There was the $1 million dollar lawsuit filed by Jim Bellino against her and Tamra, for gossiping about him. Has he not seen the show? …wait, he was on RHOC. Insert massive eyeroll emoji. Clearly this was all nonsense, as Shannon won.

Then there was the back-and-forth lawsuit threats with ex-husband David Beador about whether or not Shannon actually sent his new wife Leslie Cook Beador a gift celebrating the birth of their new baby. To be followed by Shannon filing for emergency court paperwork to stop David from preventing their children from being shown on RHOC. Which she also won.


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I’m guessing girlfriend got a three-for-one deal at the attorney’s office, because she wasn’t done there. In an interesting turn of events Shannon decided to take on Facebook, claiming that her image was used fraudulently across the platform to promote diet pills and supplements for weight loss.  She was very concerned about how the false advertising could affect her brand.

And now, not so much. According to Radar, without much in the way of explanation, Shannon has now dropped her claim. “She dropped the case “without prejudice” meaning she could refile the claims at a later date. The decision to end the battle is interesting given Beador had yet to serve Facebook.”

It seems odd that Shannon would drop the claim, after staunchly asserting that by hosting the ads, Facebook was, “…causing loss of goodwill and reputation to Plaintiff thus damaging her career and endorsement opportunities.” Maybe it’s just me, but I wonder… is something new about to come during filming?


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