Kyle Richards Explains Why She And Bethenny Frankel Unfollowed Each Other On Instagram After Decades Of Friendship

There’s truly nothing better in my book than a Bravo crossover. It’s why I’m jumping in my seat for Bravo to air Winter House (I will never get used to Summer House Winter Charm) and the Real Housewives All-Stars special. Even singular episodes, like when Real Housewives of New York alum Bethenny Frankel made a guest appearance on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. B and Kyle Richards go wayyyy back and it was everything to see them together on-screen. B shaded Erika Jayne. She kept her cold sense of humor around a bunch of glam valley girls. And, of course, there were SkinnyGirl margs. Sounds to me like Christmas morning.

Like I said, Kyle and Bethenny have history. They met in the 90s in LA and B even served as an assistant to the one, the only Kathy Hilton. The throwback pics are EVERYTHING and worth a deep-dive to see these two ladies starting out their adult lives, big hair and all. However, they both take (or in B’s case, took) their time on Real Housewives very differently. Kyle would have to leave RHOBH kicking and screaming, while B never wants to return. Kyle is putting on a front of close friendship among her co-stars while Bethenny isn’t afraid to lash out and burn bridges. Maybe that’s why their friendship lasted so long — because they both live on different coasts of the U.S. and don’t see each other that often. Let alone, they’ve never appeared full-time on the same show.

Kyle recently appeared on Watch What Happens Live when a fan asked why she and Bethenny unfollowed each other on Instagram. “That’s a good question,” Kyle began. Is it because B threw shade at the RHOBH crew during the Denise Richards and Brandi Glanville scandal? At least B had Kyle’s back in the #puppygate of it all. 



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We know after Kyle’s display at Garcelle Beauvais this season of RHOBH that she takes her Instagram followers very seriously. “She unfollowed me,” Kyle said of Bethenny. “And I was like ‘Well, why do I want to follow someone who doesn’t follow me?” This answer sounds like it’d come from a middle schooler, not an established reality TV star. She added that she was like, “OK, I don’t need to keep up with her either then.” So obviously, someones a little salty.


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Even though they’re no longer friends on Instagram, Kyle says they’re still close in real life. “We still talk and text. We text and check in with each other. But she just unfollowed a lot of people,” Kyle said. However, she doesn’t expect an invite to appear on B’s new HBO Max show the Big Shot With Bethenny. And honestly, I can’t see Kyle bowing down and taking orders from her friend of 25+ years. She’d just sit around and do the splits to up her camera time.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]