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Real Housewives Of Potomac Season 6 Reunion Part 1 Recap: Deflectors, Disasters, And Unfaithful Pastors

How are we already here? How is it already time for The Real Housewives of Potomac reunion? This is going to be one for the ages with the appearance of THE Nicki Minaj.

We start out right away questioning Gizelle Bryant about her fashion choices. It’s surprising to hear she’s had the same stylist for all of the years. Most of the choices she makes are atrocious, but this season felt like a step in the right direction. It wasn’t all bad. Candiace Dillard Bassett says she doesn’t like many of Gizelle’s fashion choices, but they’re good for her.

Andy Cohen plays a video from Nicki Minaj who claims she’s unable to make it this year. I LOVE THE SECRECY. The women are going to freak their freak when she decides to pop in. This might be the most iconic reunion moment in Housewives HISTORY.

Stripping The Layers Of Mia

Mia Thornton Real Housewives Of Potomac

The ladies say they loved Mia Thornton at first, and Gizelle says she owned her shit. Candiace intervenes to say Mia lied about everything involving her life throughout the season. Mia’s forced to go into the details of her vaginal surgeries since everyone’s doubting her.

Nobody understands why Mia would get all of that work down down there because she didn’t have vaginal births. What’s the real story behind her choice to do that? It’s her business, but when she alters the truth about it, it makes everyone question her character.

Mia reveals she wasn’t in love with Gordon Thornton at first. We know he has deep pockets, so hearing that is jarring at first. You’d think the stripper would jump at the chance to have a more lavish life. She’s on top of the world now, so it’s not a stretch to assume this lifestyle was always the goal.

Mia fell in love with him when he showed his true heart. Does she want us to believe it wasn’t his fat bank account? Damn, I’m surprised to hear this. Andy asks if Mia ever removed her clothing in the club, and Mia openly admits that she did. Mia’s gone back and forth on whether or not she was a stripper, but the truth is she was in fact a stripper. Don’t shift stories. Be upfront or don’t reveal any information at all.

Things are better with Mia and her mother, so nothing during the season caused any issues. I guess the generic yo mama joke that caused so much havoc didn’t have the impact she thought it would. How about that? Zero percent shocked here.

Mia’s called out on being a flip-flop, but she tries to talk her way out of that one. Girl, we saw the entire season. We know you sucked at being the bone carrier. We saw her constantly change her allegiances throughout the season, so this isn’t breaking news. Owning it and attempting to change it for next season is the acceptable course of action here.

Gizelle got the vibe that Karen Huger was coaching Mia throughout the earlier portion of the season. Obviously Karen’s not going to admit that, so that doesn’t really go anywhere. It seemed like it. As soon as Mia found out how deep Karen’s issues were with Gizelle & Robyn Dixon, that’s when Mia flipped the script.

Green-Eyed Deflector

Gizelle Bryant Real Housewives Of Potomac

Andy asks Gizelle about her new man, but before she can say anything Wendy Osefo chimes in. Wendy says it couldn’t be the man Andy was speculating about because he likes women with integrity. DAMN ZEN WEN!

Wendy’s claws are coming out early in the reunion with Gizelle. However, Gizelle totally has it coming. She spent an entire season commenting on Wendy and her relationship. If she’s going to keep dishing it, she needs to learn how to take it. She deflects constantly away from her own life yet pries in everyone else’s.

Robyn defends Gizelle about her house and says it’s all coming together. It’s about damn time. During the season her house was looking like something out of a horror movie. None of it matches, and it’s ugly.

Andy questions Gizelle about when she and Jamal Bryant actually broke up. The timeline doesn’t make sense to anyone. Stop blaming COVID-19. Blame your cheating man and the embarrassment he caused you.

Wendy brings up a video where Jamal seemingly told the world he was never in a relationship with Gizelle. We all heard it. Gizelle’s doing her best to cover it, but she won’t ever admit defeat. She also refuses to admit the binder played a role in the termination of her relationship.

Gizelle & Jamal were non monogamous during this recent relationship. I wonder if that’s a genuine statement or if she’s trying to save face after what Jamal said. She might not want to be humiliated in front of the entire world. However, if she doesn’t want people to comment on her relationship with him, she shouldn’t stick her nose in theirs.

Wendy claims Gizelle puts up a barrier so she won’t break down by showing her real feelings. Andy straight up asks Gizelle if she cried or was hurt by Jamal cheating on her yet again. I couldn’t imagine giving a relationship another shot only for them to cheat multiple times and make me a laughing stock. You know she’s carrying around a blanket of hurt.

Gizelle denies having any sort of emotional breakdown following the revelation of Jamal’s infidelity. She’s not going to give us anything here. She’s not going to admit she cried because she probably wasn’t surprised about it. Everyone saw this coming. This was foreshadowed by the world honey.

Robyn says just because Gizelle’s not reacting the way they want to doesn’t mean anything. Also, Wendy’s being incredibly thirsty during this reunion already. She won’t wait her turn and give everyone a moment to speak. This second season iteration of Wendy is NOT it for me.

Karen tells Gizelle in her heart, she doesn’t think Gizelle should’ve went back to Jamal. She believes Gizelle just wanted to go to something easy and familiar in her life. It sucks hearing Gizelle’s daughter’s thoughts that she’s an emotional vampire. That’s tough to take in as a parent. Gizelle at least owns up to being a robot after her failed marriage.

Andy questions Gizelle about Jamal allegedly owing quite a large sum in taxes. Karen’s nervous for Gizelle because they were married during one of the years involved. Gizelle clearly doesn’t want to speak on any of this, so she quickly shuts it down.

Reckless Or Reactionary?

Candiace Dillard Bassett Real Housewives Of Potomac

Congrats to Candiace for getting the record deal of her dreams! That’s first and foremost. However, I have a shit ton of confusion when it comes to Candiace being managed by Chris Bassett. That’s not his cup of tea. It doesn’t make any sense.

Ashley Darby finally speaks and says Chris isn’t the same guy as he was prior to the pandemic. Hasn’t everyone changed though? Are they really going to crap all over this man for having restaurant issues after a global pandemic?

Gizelle wants Candiace to understand that Dorothy Dillard went around to the entire cast to talk shit. What her mom did at that music video was deplorable. Not everyone was asking questions. Her mother came there with the intent to cause chaos. Let’s not get any of that twisted.

Andy asks how Chris is doing after seeing everything Dorothy said about him. Candiace is at a loss of what to do because nothing will ever be the same again. He’s hurt by everything he saw. There was no reason for her mother to do Chris dirty like that during the video shoot.

Candiace thinks the issues wouldn’t be as bad if they weren’t on the show. Chris‘ family watches the show. They see everything being said about Chris on the show, so now Candiace is in an uncomfortable position.

Mia’s standing by her low budget comment about Candiace’s music video. That’s okay apparently, but Candiace has to take back everything she ever said about Mia? Cut the shit.

Candiace says Mia’s ungrateful because she basically wants easy on her with the mama comment. Why can’t Candiace respond verbally the way she sees fit? Everyone on this platform is literally paid to run their mouth and talk about each other. It’s the nature of the beast.

Andy’s trying so hard to paint a picture that Candiace is the most reckless with her mouth. Let’s take a look at the franchise as a whole and try to make that point. Candiace shouldn’t be faulted because she ends someone after they come for her. Don’t come for her then.

Candiace doesn’t like the insinuation that she could be responsible for Mia’s mother’s relapse if it happened. She said that would be on Mia because she’s the one who used her as a story line. WELP. That’s all folks. Candiace just ended Mia with one line at the conclusion of part one. I NEED MORE ASAP OF THIS REUNION.


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