Jennifer Lawrence Says Jen Shah “Has Strongest Case Of Personality Disorder” And A “Total Lack Of Accountability And Shame”

Jen Shah’s life is crumbling before us. The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star has managed to eclipse the ultimate housewives scandal of the yearErika Jayne’s fall from grace. Despite lesser media coverage (for now), Jen’s situation is much more dire. On this season of RHOSLC, we saw her being chased down by the feds before she had the chance to go on a cast trip. She was subsequently arrested and charged with money laundering and fraud, an allegation that she strongly denies. Jen continued filming the season and we get to watch her castmates and friends take sides while they grapple with the severity of it all. And Jen still has allies.

But even if Jen is getting off easy with the RHOSLC cast, she is facing a barrage of negativity when it comes to her persona. Meredith Marks already accused Jen’s assistant of shop lifting. The assistant denies it, but the suggestion that Jen and her team have always been sus lingers. Legally, Jen has much bigger problems. The news that her right hand man, Stuart “Stu Chains” Smith, who was also charged in this mess, has changed his plea to guilty, indicating that he might toss Jen under the bus for a deal. As if that wasn’t enough, a new Hulu documentary about Jen’s troubles was rushed to our screens. It didn’t paint her in a good light, although we already knew that would be the case. Suddenly, the alleged theft of a clutch doesn’t seem like a story at all.


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So while Jen rushes to defend herself, fans have given her the Erika treatment. They are (rightfully?) tearing her apart on social media, spurred on by Jen’s completely self-righteous attitude about the matter. Like Erika, she shows no remorse or accountability and instead, seems to enjoy lashing out for attention. One such fan who is blasting Jen is none other than actress Jennifer Lawrence. JLaw is well-know for being a housewives fan, so naturally she weighed in. As reported by Too Fab, JLaw didn’t hold back when she spoke with recently spoke with Vanity Fair.

JLaw said that Jen has a”total lack of accountability” about her situation. She added that she “could write a dissertation on the mesmerizing toxicity” of Jen. JLaw continued, “She has the strongest case of personality disorder I’ve ever seen in my life. You know those people who don’t take any accountability ever — to where you almost feel jealous? Total lack of accountability, lack of shame.”


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JLaw went on to explain why Jen’s behavior has bothered her so much. She said, “I’m almost like, How dare you? I lie in bed worrying about accidentally hurting someone’s feelings, worrying about everything. That’s probably why it burns my biscuit so much.” Whew, this Oscar winning actress really is not holding back and I’m here for it. It’s so rare that (real) celebrities are so candid.

As for Jen, she continues to maintain her innocence. In a RHOSCL episode confessional, she said, “What I have been accused of is absolutely the complete opposite of anything I would ever do in my life. If I have any fault, it is because I am too giving and I help too many people.”


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