Vanderpump Rules Recap: Give Them Lala’s Opinion On Everything

It’s going to be incredible weird watching Tom Sandoval & Tom Schwartz in a business only relationship. These two have been inseparable for the longest time on Vanderpump Rules. Seeing these two in such a weird space is honestly painful to watch. It’s almost as painful as watching Schwartz get an LVP tattoo on his ass.

Side note, the theme song for this show still fucking slaps. I always catch myself singing along and acting like I’m slinging drinks in my most dramatic pose. I wouldn’t hate working a shift or two at SUR for a cameo on the show.

Any James Kennedy scene with Raquel Leviss is going to be awkward since learning about their split. Watching the two of the fawn all over each other is odd now. James doesn’t want Raquel to have a trashy bachelorette party, but I can’t imagine his would be classy. He finds it tacky, but has he ever heard his own music?

Raquel doesn’t want James to get into the habit of being controlling. This is something we’ve seen flashes of throughout their relationship. There’s always something underlyingly uncomfortable about the two of them together. James is a powder keg waiting to explode at any minute. There should no zero surprise that the relationship crashed and burned already.


Lala Kent & Scheana Marie are still trying to make this friendship happen. Why haven’t they thrown in the towel? Lala will never truly have Scheana’s back. However, Scheana also needs more reassurance than any friend could possibly ever give her. They don’t mesh well.

Hiring an assistant is critical in upping Lala’s social media presence. She’s throwing a party to celebrate everything in her brand. Hopefully everything runs smoothly without a litany of chaos erupting.

Brock Davies confesses to Randall Emmett that he’s planning on proposing to Scheana. His working idea is to propose on the same day that he’ll end up marrying her. There’s a lot of moving parts with this that could go wrong at any second.

Is Brock trying to rush down the aisle as a way to quickly lock Scheana down? There’s so much controversy surrounding his past, so there’s likely many in her eye wanting her to split from him. We’ve seen it multiple times this season even. He has to secure his spot in the spotlight before Scheana comes to her senses.


Katie Maloney & Ariana Madix hang out and discuss the break the Toms are taking from each other. You can tell Katie really wants to do the sandwich shop idea with her husband. If he could get his out out of Sandoval’s ass for three minutes, they might be able to achieve that.

Ariana pitches the idea of doing the shop with Katie in lieu of Schwartz. These two could be a powerhouse business duo if they set their minds to it. They’d probably stays on track and focus a lot more than the Toms would.

Lala wastes little time when James stops by and attacks him for being too controlling. She’s noticed on multiple occasions the way he steps in and takes over her life. It’s not a sign of a healthy relationship. Watching everyone comment on it is really highlighting a reason why the engagement might’ve ended.

Scheana’s in for the biggest surprise of her life with this impromptu wedding. The speed that Brock’s trying to make all of this happen isn’t even possible. There’s no realistic way to make this happen. Well, not on his own at least. However, he has Lala & Randall in his corner right now, so he might pull this off.


JAMES IS DJ-ING LISA VANDERPUMP’S DOG’S BIRTHDAY. Holy shit. That’s where his career is right now. I’d love to see him take his career to the next level, but being LVP’s bitch isn’t the way to do it. This is his first night back in the game, and it’s not so impressive.

At the event Brock pulls James aside to talk about his issue about not supporting his shoot. Besides that, Brock gets involved in the belief floating around that James is too controlling. James shut him down instantly and doesn’t want to hear a damn word. Why is Brock even on this bandwagon? Is he that hard up for the support of Lala & Randall.

Scheana and Charli Burnett meet up for breakfast, and it seems like they’re in a better place. They got all of their feelings out, and things are better. Forget about that for a second because the wedding plans have already fallen through. The two day wedding event that Brock’s imagining went nowhere.

Charli asks if Brock’s pushing for this wedding because he needs a green card. The picture’s coming clearer by the minute. His rush mentality is starting to make a lot more sense because it was bizarre at first.

Lala tells Sandoval about James’ control issues when it comes to Raquel. Damn, she’s really coming through as a ghost producer this season. She’s working overtime to make sure the show’s drama remains piping hot. Thank you Lala!


Lala’s party is the first time the Toms are seeing each other since taking a break. Schwartz is confused about the boundaries in their friendship since making the call to keep it just business. I’m sure at some point the two are going to get back to the regular workings of their relationship. However, for now this is the way it has to be.

Lala’s working her ass off at this party to solidify her brand as an industry success. Her hustle is strong. You can’t deny that after watching her work the room at this event.

Sandoval doesn’t understand why James is so intensely against the penis straws. Let Raquel have some fun. If she’s going to marry you, she’s committing to a lifetime of drama, she deserves some fun. The misery can come later. Although we all know by now that she escaped the future marriage she would’ve been trapped in.

The best part of the episode is Lisa being the one who bought everyone’s foot pics. At least something funny came of that awkward photo shoot. Hopefully this allows Raquel to get the nose surgery she’s trying to get.

James is pissed as hell at Lala for talking about him to both Brock & Sandoval. She’s doing it under the guise of helping, but it’s messy. Lala’s nose has been in everyone’s business the entire season now, and it doesn’t look like it’s ever going to change.


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