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Noella Bergener Slams Heather Dubrow As “Cruel” For Confrontation With Shannon Beador At Emily Simpson’s Party

Real Housewives of Orange County is entertaining once again, but it’s definitely an entirely new show with legs of its own. In just a few short episodes, Heather Dubrow made a triumphant return and was confronted at her own party about some gossip. The rumor was that her longtime pal Nicole James sued her husband at one point for a botched surgery. You can’t write this stuff.

Nicole cried to Terry Dubrow and Fancy Pants about the lawsuit, and it blew over as a big misunderstanding. Even Gina Kirschenheiter got a pass for bringing it up in the first place, almost causing Heather to quit the show on the spot. The ultimate brunt of the rage of Fancy Pants was none other than her old foe Shannon Beador. On second thought, maybe OC isn’t so different after all.

The newbies on RHOC are pulling their weight. We’ve seen Noella Bergener pick a fight with Jen Armstrong over tagging her in a photo on Instagram. Truly, the petty drama I live for. Noella has been quite the character from the start. She gives me Braunwyn Windham-Burke vibes, and that’s not just because she was her friend at one point. Her life turned into a mess the second she started the show. Ring a bell? And while she’s busy calling Jen thirsty, she seems a bit thirsty for the spotlight herself.

Noella’s position in the group is a bit odd. She’s found herself in alliance with Shannon, even though it seems out of convenience rather than genuine friendship. Maybe they’ll prove me wrong, but I’ve seen the Shannon show before. She recently made her debut on Watch What Happens Live, and had a lot of not-so-nice things to say about her co-stars. Total Boringwyn vibes.


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Andy Cohen asked Noella her thoughts on Fancy Pants threatening Shannon at Emily Simpson’s party. Well, I should say “promising” because she made it clear that it wasn’t a threat. Noella wasn’t so happy about it. “It doesn’t shock me now that I know Heather,” Noella began. Oh boy, these are fighting words. “But to watch it back was very painful. It was cruel,” she continued. “It was completely cruel, but it was kind of in character.” Fancy Pants has been called cold and cruel before. This is far from her first time around the block, so newbie Noella better watch out.

After her rant on Heather, Andy followed up with a question about Noella telling Nicole that Heather was two-faced. “Because she is and Nicole knows exactly why,” Noella quipped back. Girllllll, what? Spill the tea or don’t. Nicole and Heather seem to be pretty close in the episodes airing now. Is Noella hinting that trouble is in paradise for this unusual friendship? One thing is for sure — RHOC has me hooked. Bravo to Bravo.


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