Kelly Dodd Says Shannon Beador Is Afraid Of Heather Dubrow; Compares Heather Threatening Shannon To “Mafia Wives”

Some Bravo stars move on gracefully when their time on a show is over. Former Real Housewives of Orange County star Kelly Dodd is not able to do that. Kelly is still bitter after being fired, especially because her removal paved the way for Heather Dubrow’s return.

RHOC star Heather denied having anything to do with Kelly’s firing, but she also made it plain that she wouldn’t return to the show if Kelly was a cast member.

In June of 2021, Kelly and her husband, Rick Leventhal, claimed in an Instagram Story video that they contracted Covid in January from Heather’s son. The video was shared by @realhousewives on Instagram.

The Dubrow family lawyer sent Kelly a letter, which led to the biggest fake apology ever. Kelly’s sarcastic video was reposted by LoveAndyC on Twitter.

Kelly and Rick came after Heather in the premiere of their podcast, Rick & Kelly UNMASKED. Kelly alleged that Heather was demoted, and that is why she turned in her orange. “Her ego got the best of her. So, did she quit herself? Yeah, but she got demoted to a friend role,” Kelly stated.

Kelly’s obsession with Heather and RHOC isn’t a good look. Kelly tweeted that Season 16 of the show had lower ratings than the previous season and called out Andy Cohen. Andy responded, “Reboot going great. Feels like a return to form for #RHOC. Look at the delayed numbers, not live. That’s what’s measured.” Mic drop!


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Kelly and Rick were dining at the same restaurant as Heather and her husband, Terry Dubrow. Kelly posted videos heckling the couple and called them “losers” with “zero friends.” Kelly added, “Should I ask these a–holes why they’re suing me? Terry and Heather. Why are they suing me?” I’d say because of behavior like this, Kelly.

Heather seemed unfazed by her former co-worker’s latest antics. She remarked, “It makes me laugh. Kelly seems to talk about me a lot, so at this point I don’t know whether to be really flattered that she’s so obsessed with me or sad for her that she has no other content.” Heather also called Kelly filming her at dinner “sad” and “pathetic.” Truth!

During the most recent episode of RHOC, Shannon Beador once again tried to apologize to Heather for telling Gina Kirschenheiter and Emily Simpson that Heather’s friend, Nicole James, had sued Terry for a botched boob job. Gina decided to tell Heather during Fancy Pants’ elegant dinner party, fearing that Heather didn’t know.

But the person that Heather blamed for the fiasco was Shannon. Heather told Shannon, “If you ever come after me or my family ever again, you are going to lose a lot more than just my friendship. This will cost a lot. And I’m not saying this as a threat,” Heather said. “I’m saying it as a promise.” I’m getting some Erika Jayne vibes from Heather.


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According to Reality Blurb!, Kelly and Rick dissected the episode on their Rick and Kelly UNMASKED YouTube channel. Apparently, the duo enjoys recapping Season 16. Did anyone ask for this?

The former Fox News correspondent asked Kelly why Shannon would apologize to Heather. “Because [Shannon]’s afraid of her!… Poor Shannon… She doesn’t have her real friends to back her up,” Kelly stated. “So she has to kiss her ass… It’s bullshit. You’re going to get mad at somebody for telling the truth?”

When Rick mentioned that Heather has a “longstanding grudge” against Shannon, Kelly responded, “You can just see the evil… She’s a little evil little girl here, that Heather Dubrow.” She also slammed the supposed grudge as “ridiculous.”

Rick and Kelly weren’t shocked by Heather threatening Shannon. “She threatens to sue you if she doesn’t like what you say,” Rick commented.


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In fact, Kelly likened the sit-down between Shannon and Heather to “mafia wives.” Kelly added that Heather is “ruining the show,” but she seemed to take a shine to newbie Noella Bergener. Kelly said that “[Noella]’s the only one that’s interesting to me” and said that she is “a great addition” to the show.

Kelly did offer Noella a warning. “You’re gonna see Heather Dubrow being very very mean to Noella,” Kelly predicted.


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