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Lisa Barlow Clarifies Her Sister’s Dating History With Husband John Barlow

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City is THE moment on Bravo. The ladies of the wild, wild West are only just finishing up their second seasons, but they are already icon status. I thought this season would be centered around Jen Shah’s arrest, similarly to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Erika Jayne. But the RHOSLC cast knows they are too entertaining to harp on one storyline all season long. Maybe the veteran Real Housewives could learn a thing or two. BLOOP.

It seems like I’m in good company when I say that the star on RHOSLC is Lisa Barlow. Yes, she’s a flip-flopper. Yes, she sets up scenes sometimes. But that’s why she’s so good — she knows she has a job to do. And I honestly hope she and Whitney Rose team up next season to become the duo we didn’t know we needed. Bad Weather no more!

Lisa has been providing plenty of drama this season. Her calling several lawyers on the bus ride to Vail following Jen’s arrest was so on-point. Baby gorgeous? Iconic. She’s been feuding with her longtime friend Meredith Marks which has been providing an interesting dynamic. And things between her and Jen almost got physical on yet another bus ride from Hell. The ladies are DELIVERING week after week.

During the most recent episode, Lisa also revealed a very peculiar tidbit about her relationship with John Barlow. Lisa and John are the entrepreneurial power couple, always with Vida Tequila in hand. But their love story had a rocky beginning when Lisa revealed that her sister dated John well before they were married. See, even Mary Cosby’s schtick of a twisted marriage origin story isn’t totally unique.


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Lisa clarified that her sister and John never went all the way, but did kiss. The bombshell clearly left people with questions, so Lisa took to Twitter to clarify. “John didn’t date my sister. They went on one date,” Lisa tweeted. And that’s on that, but it’s wayyyy more juicy to say that they dated previously.

Despite John being a hot commodity for Lisa and her sister, Lisa went on to tweet that there’s no bad blood in her family after the fact. “Everyone in my family loves John,” she wrote. “My gorgeous sister had amazing taste and I’m so glad I got to meet John through her.” OK I’m going to need Lisa’s sister to chime in on this, as well as the undercover Playboy John Barlow.


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