Noella Bergener Slams Dr. Jen Armstrong As A “Thirsty” Person Who Talks To “Hear Her Own Voice”

Noella Bergener. Say what you will about her, but she is making her debut on Real Housewives of Orange County count. She probably had a storyline enough, being ex-friends with Braunwyn Windham-Burke. Then her divorce erupted almost as soon as filming began. She’s been sobbing to these Housewives (most of whom are near strangers) almost every episode since. But that’s not all. She’s also attacking Heather Dubrow on the low.

In the latest RHOC episode, we hit yet another bump in the Noella road. A run in with her freshman-Housewife counterpart, Dr. Jen Armstrong. Jen has hardly been a factor this season. We’ve seen her medical practice, some scenes with her kids, and…I can’t remember anything else, really. After Jen tried to confront Noella at Shane Simpson’s party this week, it looks like Noella may accidentally be giving Jen a storyline.

When Jen tried to approach Noella for being a bit cold to her in their interactions, Noella shamed Dr. Jen for making a “poorly lit” Instagram post. Noella was confused and apparently VERY bothered that Jen had tagged her in the photo? The photo was a picture of Dr. Jen standing pretty innocuously making an ad-type post. It may have been confusing to be tagged, but I still can’t quite see what Noella thought was nefarious about the whole thing. Especially considering who she hangs around.

During her after-episode appearance on Watch What Happens LiveAndy Cohen asked Noella a fan question. It went, “Why did you think it was thirsty for Dr. Jen to tag you in a pic that you weren’t in? Why didn’t you just calmly ask her why she did that?”


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Noella explained her side saying, “The thirstiness was her coming up to me mere days after being divorced and just setting the whole tone for a conversation when it was really a confrontation.” Truthfully, I think Noella is the one who made the interaction contentious.

“She’s thirsty. She’s one of those people girls who just takes a little something and turns it into a big thing so she can hear her own voice. I hate being around people like that sometimes because you can’t let your wall down,” Noella claimed. I imagine there is only so much thirst to go around in Noella’s circle.


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]