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Lala Kent Explains Why She Was “Very Shocked By” James Kennedy And Raquel Leviss’ Breakup

Former Vanderpump Rules couple James Kennedy and Raquel Leviss kept up a united front for the most part, even after they decided to split after five years together. So much so, that their cast mates were shocked to hear of their breakup.

It seems that most fans were just as surprised, though the more perceptive among us might have pointed to some of James’ controlling behavior as a red flag. Like his refusal to allow penis paraphernalia at Raquel’s bachelorette party. Or some of his enraged outbursts. For her part, Raquel encouraged James through his sobriety journey and his darker days, and slowly found her own voice.

They’ve kept the details of their break up private, but have maintained the same respect for one another even now.  So their friends and cast mates are left to speculate and offer their own insights as to what happened to the golden couple of Vanderpump Rules.

Costar Lala Kent, who is also dealing with a public breakup, was asked to comment on the split.  She weathered cheating rumors by former fiance Randall Emmett, and can be credited for her own discretion.

Lala appeared on a recent episode of Watch What Happens Live to share her reaction to the split.  Host Andy Cohen asked Lala if she was, “surprised by James’ breakup?”  She admitted, “I was very shocked by their breakup.”

The Give Them Lala founder is good friends with James, and is also living sober.  So Lala would be the person to have some insight, and she thought Raquel and James were in it for the long run.  The mother of one even remarked to Andy, “I really thought that they were going to get married and have kids and be together forever.”


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Lala did allude to their contrasting personalities.  Raquel presented endless compassion towards James, and he often credited her patience and kindness.  They seemed to bring out their better halves, but ultimately claimed that they were on different paths.

“I thought James was a huge personality and it’s hard to keep up with someone like James,” Lala added, “that always worried me, but I definitely thought that they would make it.”

It does beg the question whether either party will speak on the matter when Vanderpump Rules films its next season.  Surely there will be some clues or insight at that point.


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