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Lala Kent And James Kennedy Address The Possibility Of Dating Now That They’re Both Single

Lala Kent and James Kennedy an item? Say it isn’t so! Well… it isn’t yet. But… the door is not closed on the possible coupling according to them.

James and Lala, who both have been regular cast members on Vanderpump Rules for years, discussed on Watch What Happens Live whether there was a possibility they could now get together since the Rs (aka Randall Emmett and Raquel Leviss) were out of their lives.

Andy Cohen said the number one question for the pair from fans was, “Would Lala and James be open to dating each other now that they’re both single?”

Lala initially put the brakes on the idea by responding, “Oh my gosh. I mean, I don’t think James Kennedy is ready to be a stepdad. So much has changed since we got together. But, he’s one of my best friends. I don’t know, James. What do you think?”

James responded, “Honestly, we’ve done so much growing up and stuff. I mean, I’d love to just continue this beautiful friendship that we do have.”

Then in a twist James added, “Look, I never say ‘never’ to anything nowadays.” Lala responded by pulled back her ‘umm…no… answer’ and switched it up to, “That’s a good answer. That’s a great answer.” So perhaps both ARE open to the idea or maybe they are just playing to the audience.

The pair did hook up back early on when the ladies of WeHo Katie Maloney, Stassi SchroederScheana Shay and Kristen Doute took turns bullying Lala for being the new SUR girl.

However, any regular viewer of VPR knows these two are as consistently explosive and such a couple might implode. If Lala isn’t popping off in an episode, guarantee James will take the role. This may actually be a couple made for reality TV. It would be a beautiful mess to watch!


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Both Lala and James continue to advertise to anyone who will listen that they have grown so much since first appearing on the show. James started on Season 2 and was coupled with Kristen. Lala joined the cast on Season 3 and fumbled around the show a few seasons without a strong storyline before she made a splash with her bold, half-naked self, secretly dating a man going through a divorce (Randall).

Through their time on VPR, it’s hard to name a cast member that has not been on the receiving side of their wrath. But then Lala got sober and became a mother and flaunted her fabulous relationship with Rand – who was secretly stepping out on her and creeping ALL over the country like a TLC video. James got sober ‘ish” as he claims he has not had alcohol in 2 years but admits to smoking cannabis every day and even prides himself in waking and baking. He also admitted on WWHL that while he tried to eradicate it from his daily sched, he was unsuccessful.

James’ recent breakup with Raquel – which was announced at the Season 9 VPR Reunion – shocked most of the VPR cast. It shook some viewers too considering most of the season seemed dedicated to the James/Raquel proposal, the James/Raquel family meshing, and the James/Raquel engagement party.  It all seemed like too much brouhaha to last.


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So now that the idea of Lala and James becoming a couple has been thrown out into the universe, viewers will have to wait and see if the pair will manifest for some perfectly delicious TV.


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