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Mary Cosby Skipped Real Housewives Reunion Because “It Was One-Sided”

Mary Cosby had quite a season on Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. She ventured out of her closet in Season 2 and all hell broke loose.

Mary made several racially insensitive comments on the show this season. At RHOSLC co-star Jennie Nguyen’s pho luncheon, Mary commented on Jennie’s “slanted eyes” and the “yellow tones” of her skin. Mary later tweeted, “I wasn’t coming from a place of racist! I was complimenting!” Sure, Mary.

Then, during the trip to Vail, Mary compared Jen Shah to a “thug…like those Mexican people that make all those drugs.” Mary later apologized for her “poor judgment in [her] choice of words.” Oof.

Mary also found herself swept up in speculation that her church, Faith Temple Pentecostal Church, was run like a cult. Lisa Barlow revealed that her friend, Cameron Williams, mortgaged his home to give the church $300,000, and he later left the church because he suffered from “extreme religious trauma.”

Lisa believed the allegations about Mary’s church, while Mary’s new bestie, Meredith Marks, did not think that Mary was in charge of a cult. Meredith even went as far as to hint that Cameron was ill before he passed away and his perception may have been off. What does Mary have on Meredith? There must be something to cause Meredith to become Mary’s ride-or-die. Mary denied the claims that her church was a cult and that she uses money from parishioners to fund her luxe lifestyle.

Well, RHOSLC fans will be left with a whole lot of questions because Mary skipped the reunion. According to a source, “She was terrified of getting grilled about her ‘racist’ comments made toward Jennie [Nguyen] and Jen [Shah]. She also did not want to discuss the accusations that she runs a cult.” Mary kissed goodbye the $18K that she would have earned for the Season 2 reunion.

Mary shared her feelings on Twitter on January 7, 2022. @thottythoughtss on Twitter shared a screenshot of her comments. “I didn’t go to the reunion. Those girls don’t deserve my presence. Whitney [Rose] can go jump on a stripper pole for all I care,” Mary wrote. “I only care about 1 thing my church. Haters can go jump. PrayForJesus #RHOSLC.”


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E! News reported that Mary joined a conversation on Twitter Spaces hosted by user @Tea_witdre on January 18, 2022. The audio clip was shared by Crazy About Bravo on Instagram. In the conversation, Mary addressed dipping out of the reunion.

Mary explained, “The only thing I have to say about the reunion is I didn’t go because it was one-sided. Everyone heard one side of what they felt…I mean, they told lies, one side of my story.”

She continued, “And I was not going to get on the reunion for a four-part reunion and talk about this guy who has passed.” It seems that Mary was referencing Lisa’s friend, and Mary’s former parishioner, Cameron.

“I mean, how many titles did they put on me? I was a lot of things this season. I was everything,” Mary remarked. “I mean, call me Batman.” What does that even mean? If they showed the bat signal the day of the reunion would Mary have come? Is her closet the bat cave?


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Bravo’s Andy Cohen was also disappointed that Mary chose to bail on the reunion, but he wasn’t surprised. In a clip from his SiriusXM show Radio Andy, which was shared by Queens of Bravo, Andy said, “I spoke to her on New Year’s Eve a few hours before I went on the air. We had a long talk and it’s her story to tell, but I got the sense that she was not finding gratitude in being on the show anymore,” he added. Andy explained why he hates for a Housewife to skip the reunion. “You allow others to control your narrative,” he commented. “As your last gesture, I would much rather hear from her.”


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