Jennifer Aydin Shares RHONJ Footage To Prove Margaret Josephs Is A Hypocrite For Sharing Bill Aydin Affair On Real Housewives Of New Jersey

Ok, hell has officially frozen over. We have come to the moment in Real Housewives of New Jersey where I am announcing that I am Team Jennifer Aydin. I truly never thought I would see the day. Because after spending three seasons being an absolute monster, Jen’s comeuppance is finally upon her. But it’s certainly not as satisfying as I thought it would be.

Jennifer’s perfect life, which she has no problem touting season after season, might not be so perfect. And thanks to the first episode of season 12, Margaret Josephs was all too happy to point that out by revealing that Jen’s husband, Bill Aydin, had an affair.

What would normally make for great reality tv just fell kind of flat with the revelation that this happened 10 years ago. And Margaret is just bringing it up now? Why? Especially after Jen was all about calling Marge and her mom cheaters, pointing out in all of her superiority that she just doesn’t have anything to do with people who cheat.

Despite a snide remark about Bill and a mistress, that clearly triggered Jen, Marge left it at that. And we never really heard anything else about it. Was she speaking about another affair? Unclear. But now that Jennifer “perfect husband” has been outed as not so perfect, Jen is spiraling. She couldn’t even make it through one get together with the ladies.

But Jen has seemingly found her wits, along with her claws. She recently took to Instagram to call out Marge’s hypocrisy on the matter. Jennifer used the caption, “Hypocrite: Noun: A person who claims or pretends to have certain beliefs about what is right but who behaves in a way that disagrees with those beliefs.” She also tagged Miriam Webster for the “definition credit” to really drive the point home.


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As for the video she posted, it really is the definition of hypocrisy. It features Margaret at an RHONJ reunion, defending Teresa Giudice over rumors that then-husband, Joe Giudice was cheating.

Margaret said of Kim D., who was spreading the rumors, “I don’t know her, I don’t have anything to do with her. But when she’s, when she’s said something like ‘Joe is cheating on Teresa‘ or ‘Teresa is cheating on Joe,’ it doesn’t hurt Teresa. It hurts Teresa’s entire family.” Marge concluded, “So to defend her is complicit when you just continue to walk on her show and still associate.”

Yes, it does in fact hurt the entire family. Jen recently explained how she had to tell her 5 children, most notably, her 9 year daughter who found out about the rumor on Tik Tok. Jennifer revealed, “I sat her down and I kept my composure because I realized [my kids] will react to however Mommy’s acting. I put on a brave face and said, ‘Listen, Daddy did a bad thing. But that doesn’t mean that he’s a bad person. And when we love people, we forgive them when they make mistakes. And I’ve forgiven him and I’m OK.’ She wasn’t upset because I wasn’t upset.”


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Jennifer has also been a hypocrite in the past – constantly talking down to Margaret about being a cheater and picking apart her character because of it. But Marge bringing up something that Bill did 10 years ago is just unnecessary.

Yes, it makes the point that Jennifer was the pot calling the kettle black when it came to cheating. But Marge’s defense of blowing up Jennifer’s perfect life doesn’t really hit the mark. Because Jen and Bill clearly worked through it privately and seemingly HAVE moved on from the incident. It’s been 1o years, there’s no reason to believe at this point that they don’t have a solid marriage. Maybe even because of what happened all those years ago.

Either way, cheating rumors are nothing new to RHONJ. And Jen has decided that she’s going to take it on the chin. She admitted, “Signing up for this show, that’s what I agreed to do — to show the good, the bad and the ugly. It’s not easy.” And it looks like this season is going to be anything but easy for her.


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