Jennifer Aydin Slams Margaret Josephs’ Parenting; Criticizes Margaret Because She Put Her Kids In Camp So That She Could Spend Summers In The Hamptons

This season of Real Housewives of New Jersey has been epic. There was tons of drama, and everyone was involved in it. I loved every second of it!

Jennifer Aydin had to navigate some challenging family dynamics when she moved her father in with her. Jennifer’s parents weren’t getting along, and Jennifer’s mother accused Jennifer of taking her father’s side. After a period of not speaking, the RHONJ star and her mother mended their relationship.

The same cannot be said for Margaret Josephs and Jennifer. These two Jersey Housewives will never be friends. Margaret criticized Jennifer for drinking too much when Jennifer embraced the flowing tequila at Teresa Giudice’s pool party.

Margaret shared a painful story of how she had sex with an older man who was her boss when she was just starting out. Later Jennifer called Margaret “sloppy” for having sex with her boss. Yikes!

Teresa kicked off the season in spectacular fashion by spreading the rumor that Jackie Goldschneider’s husband, Evan Goldschneider, was cheating on her. Jennifer’s husband, Bill Aydin, told her that Margaret’s husband, Joe Benigno, admitted that he also heard the rumor about Evan’s cheating.

At the Jersey Shore, Teresa told everyone that Joe B. also heard the rumor, which he denied. What happens at boy’s night should stay at boys’ night–but that will never happen because these men crave gossip like Teresa craves pineapple. This chaos added to the tension between Jennifer and Margaret.


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During the RHONJ Season 11 reunion, Jennifer dropped the bomb that Margaret was the source of the Evan rumor. Well, Teresa did claim that she heard it from a cast member. Wow.

Margaret criticized Jennifer yet again for being a stay-at-home mother to her five kids. Margaret tweeted at Jennifer, “In my opinion her behavior is tone deaf in this climate and she treats her husband as a meal ticket.” Will these two ever stop with the low blows? Apparently not, because Jennifer hopped on Twitter and called her co-star “slutty.”

Bill defended his wife, commenting, “For my wife to stay home with five kids was a blessing. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have the family that we do.”


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US Weekly reported that Jennifer threw some additional shade in Margaret’s direction during an interview on the Getting Real with the Housewives podcast on May 21, 2021. Jennifer isn’t forgetting Margaret’s comments about her being a stay-at-home mother, and using her husband as her “meal ticket,” anytime soon.

Jennifer said, “She tells me I’m not the poster child for a stay-at-home mom, yet she talks about how she sent her kids to sleep away camp and spent her summers in the Hamptons.” She continued, “So, who’s really the poster child, sweetheart? I’ve never left my kids.” Oof. “So, sometimes the things that she says, she needs to learn how to read the room,” Jennifer added.


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